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    not exactly....
    when the controller dies, you normally respawn but when a transpider dies and your controlling a child of a child you probably wont realize it till the current spider dies then it wont understand where to go and then you are trapped in the never never land


      when i go to download it nothing happens it just keeps making me type the number in the box in


        i just tried it again....check your firewall or popup blocker or whatever....
        something must be stopping it


          hey, sup sarge? very nice update, I think I'll grab this and go some bots, later. oh, if you are going to make a new update, it should be when you switch to spider cam, it should say "through the Spider's eyes" or "SPIDEY CAM!"


            Originally posted by Kyllian View Post
            "What the f***?! The flag is running off by itself?!?!"
            "It's a spider you fool! Shoot it!"

            LOL i dont think that that feature will be aliviabe, but it would be soo funny.


              it's not...think of the havok when a thing that can go almost ANYWHERE on the map and is so small and faster then a normal person get around with flag capping abillity and weapons abillity....


                This mutator is just great! I love it.

                I wish the was a way to make this even more a part of the game. Maybe I'll make a map where the only way to get around is to use TranSpiders... So you run around in spidermode and when you see another Spider you both teleport in and try to get the drop on the other player!

                Or... something less ****.


                  i tried to do the same thing...but here's a better idea

                  Make a normal map and at the bottom or top or wherever on walls make a spot where spiders can scurry through to another the wall is wide enough for a normal trans to not get through

                  something like you have 2 rooms connected together by a hallway to the side of want to get to the other room faster and notice that there is a gap on the ceiling, you throw a normal trans but it gets trapped in the middle so you go to spider and scurry across and now you'r in the other room

                  but for map makers remember these few things
                  1-Spiders can't climb on blocking volumes
                  2-Spider hight(good hight) is around(guessing) 16uu's
                  3-it is best to make spider crawl ways something like a WIDE but Short crawl room, like 16 high and 64wide (that way you can go in upside down too but it keeps from the EXTREAMLY annoying using all walls and making it to big to be cool area....since you have to make it something like 64x64 which is not as impressive as 16x64, and you only need the 2 sides and not all 4
                  4-Spiders run faster then humans....and(remembering)you'r own spidermines chase it, so launch some spiders then the Transpider to the side, go into spider mode and play follow the leader into the enemy :evil: ofcourse it could of been that they chase the spider when not in spider mode...i disremember
                  5-grenade's don't slow the Transpider, (because it's tricked out)
                  6-spider's can't use Jump pads or Movers(don't trigger standopentime), However they do use Teleporters.
                  7-using the GameRules Info or Trigger or Keyactor(i can't remember) you can use the transpider mutator in a map making it work, but remember to include the Transpider in the download and mention me and porkmanii in the readme
                  [MymapFolder->System->Transpider4 files]

                  Love you all ^_^

                  EDIT: PS, please remember that modification of the Code needs promission by me (porkmanii has left the project after all so i'm left) for any new mods using anything resimbling the Transpider (the SpiderTranz on the DMF server has been given promission, but that's a good example i guess)

                  but checking out code and such isn't a problem...also post here if you put the Transpider on a Server....i wanta play with anyone cool enough to choose this mod for a server


                    well i went to find the oldest post about the transpider...and i have found it...on 05-20-2005, 10:26 AM i made the first post that started to this great mod

                    even if its on that account that somehow i couldn't get onto anymore so i made a new one for that forum, but still here is the earliest post i have found that talks about the Transpider (Spider Translocator )