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    Pickup Limits

    Name: Pickup Limits
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: 3369+/-
    Description: PickupLimits allows you to set a maximum limit on SuperWeapons and almost all Inventory items
    Credits: ProAsm & Team - Socke, [PHX]Big_Deal, Assraker, PoW, Imaginos, frogger, sh0V3l, hmishima, Mephisto, tuco, CvRoy, Nikki, De$tiNy, Yakomo



    Just unzip PickupLimits to your servers System folder and add the command:


    NB. The Weapons in PickupLimits have no limits in an Arena game, although the inventory does.
    Commandline: Mutator=PickupLimits.MutLimits

    A Serverpackage needs to be declared.

    The ini File

    By default SuperLimits identifies players by their Nickname. This can however create cheating as all the player needs to do is change his nickname and have more turns on picking stuff up.
    If UseUniqueIDs=True then players will be identified by their CD-Key IDs. However it should be noted that if the server runs as DoUplink=False then this is not wise as several players can now use the same CD-Key and would share the pickups.

    If this is set to True, then whatever a player picks up will be logged to the logfile for the Admins reference which is handy if he has a custom item and does not know what the pickup is called.
    The log entry would be as follows:
    PickupLimits: Item to pickup = AltRDPickup
    In all cases the pickup is what follows the dot and in this case its a AltRDPickup In many cases a tag number is added at the end, MiniHealthPack17 these must be ignored, and the pickup here would be just MiniHealthPack
    Under normal conditions, LogPickups should be set to False else it could swell your logfile to many megs

    These are the actual entries and can be duplicated up to 50 pickup items.
    Total= is the maximum pickups for this item, and is defaulted to 999.
    Name= is the name of your pickup and can be found by setting the LogPickups=True then checking the serverlog after picking the items up (see above).

    Can it control weapon respawn time?


      What I mean is as it is every server uses weapon stay because Epic set a static respawn time, I'm surprised no one ever wrote a MOD to make it variable. $0.02


        I have made a mutator for making weapon respawn time variable, it even has an option to set it in seconds.


          you have a link?


            I will in a sec, at least to version 2.0, which also includes an option to randomize things(ini option too to randomize only once). Superweapons are automaticly corrected. I haven't tested version 2.0 much though, so it may contain some bugs. If you also want to see the source, just say so.



              Pickup limits has greatly improved the team work on the WGS server. The super wep pick-up limit is set to 1, so your team only gets to use the super wep as many times as it has players. Since a player can only pick up an item (say a super wep) a limited number of times, it really makes them think before using it. Most importantly in the super weapon case it stops whoring.

              This mutator can be used for any pickup: health, shield, adrenaline and weapons.