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CTF-SuriV - Final Release

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    CTF-SuriV - Final Release

    Map Name: CTF-SuriV

    Version: Final Release

    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament: 2004

    Description: The Suri V orbiting arena complex is a new addition to the Tournament. Built from recycled parts of derelict arenas which were no longer in use, some believe that the souls of those who died in those arenas now haunt this one.

    Comments: This is one I've had sitting on my website for a while and thought I'd throw it against the wall here and see if it sticks.


    Credits: To Dave "Snuffy" Smith - for playtesting and idea-bouncing. Also a very big thanks to Anthony "Radeon" Vogt because I used some of the meshes and textures from his DOM-CBP2-Gerroid level.

    Homepage: You can get this and other levels I've made at Click on "Unreal Tournament" on the menu on the left of the main page.


    Hope you all enjoy this one. If I get an idea that others might be enjoyed here, I may post some others.

    Looks good so far, I'll give it a shot and report back.

    Fast, Furious pretty good all around! Thanks!


      Thanks, Vlad

      I appreciate your feedback (and that you actually played my level!). Suri-V is one of my personal favorites (out of my own levels, that is). And I was really proud of the fact that I managed to get a design where the bots use every path , the jump pads, et cetera. If you want, come on over to my web site and grab some of my other maps.


        when I playing this Map

        feel like "I Playing Unreal Tournament 2004" !
        nice map thank you !


          Can't play UT2K4 due to my PC going haywire. Current graphics card is shot. I think the memory's malfunctioning.

          But anyway, can you throw bots off the arena? That's what I love to do.


            I liked it, but I got horrible frame rates. Settings are on low

            Maybe a lite version somehow?