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    Name: Dom-UepterGupta

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: UT2004 (ECE)

    Description: The scene is set amidst the Egyptian desert: The vast twin-temples just recently found and excavated by Liandri Corp. are now to be used as a showplace for the tournament. Each player starts in his team's spawnroom, which is located at the deepest level of the excavation site. From here on, many ways lead into the core of each temple where the DOM point is hidden: Just run outside, take an elevator and either use the stairs (to attack frontally) or one of the two sideways leading into the backyard (to attack from behind). Another way is to use the elevator within the spawnroom which leads to the middle-tower; this is a bit slower but yields some extra ammo in exchange. If you need something more sophisticated, you could even try to reach the sniper station built on rock high above the map.
    There are even more ways that connect the two temples - the player is quite free to decide where he wants to go or what to do.

    Comments: Now I release my map after i posted it in the beta forum due to the fact that no one found bugs or gameplay problems! This version of the map is the same as the one in the beta forum.


    Credits: Myself (some static meshes) and Epic for the textures
    Edit: oh, i forgot the sky box textures... they were taken from hazel-skybox-pack or whatever its called.

    Homepage: there is no homepage.

    Download:DOM-UepterGupta (zip)