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    TDC's DM maps

    Hi! We have some very nice DM-maps who our map maker have done. You can check them in and download them. My fav is DM-Thunderdome, very cool and good map.

    Maps and other UT2k4 related Downloads

    This forum is for full releases, I suggest you follow the rules laid down as per the official stickied first thread in this forum.

    Quote from post.

    Etiquette and Behavior

    * Screenshots cannot be larger then 640x480. If you want to link to a larger photo that is fine, you are welcome to use the [screenshot] tag to resize on the fly.
    * No Recruit allowed in this forum, cause for warning if used.
    * Your post MUST be formatted as follows:
    1. Name: Your Map/Mod Name
    2. Version: Version Number/Status
    3. Compatibility: UT2003 or UT2004 and other mods or patches it requires to have installed.
    4. Description: Description/Concept
    5. Comments: Comments
    6. Screenshot: 3 screenshots of your work in action (must be 640x480)
    7. Credits: Yourself and whoever you borrowed content from
    8. Homepage: Link to website
    9. Download: Link to download
    Follow the above and all will be well.