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    Hey There Just Made A Quick Release Of My New Map.

    DM_Warparound is a deathmatch map with a difference, just doublejump and you'll see!! You flip upside down and you're on the ceiling, this offers a totally unique field of play. You not only have to attack and defend all around you, you now have to defend from above, i'll try to get a gameplay video up on youtube ASAP so you can see. ( or somebody else can )



    - The map has a tendancy to flick a texture on the screen during double jump, but in comparison to how much this used to affect game play it is now minimal.

    - Bots will not attack you from the ceiling, however they will use double jump to flip and land on the ceiling.

    - There are numerous lighting issues on this level and the texturing isnt that good either, but its a fun map and ther's no point fiddling around with details unless people actually play the level

    - If you find any other issues with this map please report them on our forums or in the shout box.

    Download Here: Here LOL

    Video Of Gameplay:Click 'ere to be sure, to be sure

    Sorry about spazzing out i just get a bit hacked off when i put time into doing something and somebody has a go about it, my sincerest apologies lol

    Lol, I have seen this in a AS map once and it was pretty hard...but it is pretty hard to survive


      There ya go i thought i had shortened it lol stupid me ;P


        No Screens or non-reg Link => No test or hosting !


          <Post Removed By Author>

          Ok My Bad I Take It Back, but please consider the amount of time somebody has put into a map before you stick a cold and inconsiderate reply to their post,

          And just so it doesnt look like i'm some newbie poster lol i was a member of the Atari forums for a good long time, creating some amazing maps like AS_Crystalmaze (although only a demo was ever released due to hitting the limits of what the game could render)



            sounds fun, might try it.


              Originally posted by Sarge-David View Post
              sounds fun, might try it.
              Cheers I'm gonna have a look at making a micro planet next which should be fun.


                A Micro-planet... Sounds fun!

                And I'm trying out the map. (Always wanted to walk on the ceiling...)


                  This sounds very interesting, but could I perhaps see some screenies before I download it? Usually, when someone doesn't post screenies, it's because the map is fugly.


                    Easy XYZ, He could be keeping it a surprise for those who DO get it.

                    And he said it was on his site!!


                      Well, he does have a point, there's a reason why Epic's posting rules state to put screenshots in release threads. People usually like to know what they're getting before bothering to get it. Hopefully the Youtube video will be up soon. But in the meantime, one or two screenies would be quite nice, indeed. The concept sounds really interesting, though... Looking forward to the vid.

                      Originally posted by DeadMatt View Post
                      GO TO HELL !, you've posted 19 times and all you can do is heckle i spent time making this, and all you to is moan u lame3auce
                      Easy, mate. He was just saying what almost everyone is thinking when they see a release post with nothing but text in it. That's not exclusive to your post, everyone who did the same recieved the same kind of comments. And one might argue if it is a wise move to put someone down because he has just 19 posts when the own postcount is only 8 posts higher...


                        Originally posted by Xyx View Post
                        This sounds very interesting, but could I perhaps see some screenies before I download it?
                        It's basically a map with a warpzone just low enough to transport you when you doublejump
                        Texture alignment and lighting can be a ***** when you use a warpzone

                        DeadMatt: It isn't that hard to put a pair of screenshots on Imageshack, Photobucket or any of the 50 billion free image hosts out there


                          There you all go i've sorted it all out sorry about the scratting around, also i do know there are a number of missaligned walls on this map, of which i didnt notice before, i may fix these i might just build a new map thats more interesting (this is more of a tech, demo lol) give me some inspiration for a good map using this idea... cheers!!!! (see the first post in thread for screeny and vid)



                            a Micro-planet huh? So that'd be like.... DM-2ndSpaceBeacon 2004? =D


                              The idea is awesome but the presentation is horrible. The grey stone blocks leave something to be desired, and the video mostly shows an uncertain player (falling off ledges, using Assault Rifle primary). With some nice textures, a cool skybox, a slight bit of detail, a lot more weapons and someone who knows what he's doing in the demo vid, this would rock.

                              Originally posted by Lorin-Slasher View Post
                              Easy XYZ
                              Are you trying to be funny or did you just misread my name?