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[Mutator] ShockJump Instagib v1 (beam colouring etc)

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    [Mutator] ShockJump Instagib v1 (beam colouring etc)

    rawr. How come you can't pick the mutator icon when you edit a post?

    So, I've been playing a lot of Instagib lately. The idea of shock-jumping really appealed to me, so I searched for something like it and found Q-Instagib. But it was more of a shieldJump type thing than the ridiculous throwing-yourself-around fest I was after. So I decided to make my own interpretation. Then I remembered an old instagib mutator I made about 3 years ago that stopped working about 5 patches back. Then I got carried away with other little features and customisability and struggling with terribly difficult replication. This mutator is the result. I'm not sure if it's been done before or whatever, and who cares anyway.

    • Shock Jumping - at any angle and off any surface. Tweak the amount of push as a multiple of the shieldJump strength. You can also set a mode whereby you are always pushed backwards the same amount, no matter how close the wall you shoot is.
    • Completely Customisable Beams - choose your very own colour for your shock beam and coil, independently of everyone else. Pick from any colour in the rainbow.
    • Scalable teammate momentum multiplier - just in case you really want to knock your friends across the map into the enemy base
    • Scalable ragdoll momentum multiplier - because corpses that go screaming across the map when you shoot them are just too funny.
    • Gibbing toggle - combined with a high ragdoll momentum can be much more awesome than just making someone go 'splat'.
    • Toggleable rail penetration, because I like that too.
    • UT'99 shockRifle sounds, because they're less wimpy.

    Everything except the beam colouring and the sound is completely customisable by the server, so you can tweak everything and turn it on or off to taste.

    To set your beam colours, just press escape while playing. You can't have black because of the way the shock beams are drawn (black would actually be invisible). Thusly, there is a minimum luminosity of 25% and black will actually show as a light grey.

    Been playing this all weekend and I've worked out most of the kinks. There are a couple of minor bugs, but nothing serious. See the readme for details.

    Don't forget to add this mutator to your ServerPackages if you plan on hosting any games! It won't work without it!

    Go here to download

    any chance of allowing the custom beam colors to work on non insta gib rifles?