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    New Map i converted from VCTF to ONS VCTF-1ANEXTCITY][.ut2, the build errors it had are gone and has a few telepads and jumppads with a few jumpboots that are fairly cool providing you remember you got them



    I edited post for u. I hope u r happy, i played against the bots so much now i only want to play this online now :P

    If you like this map and are able to supply a mirror please let me know.

    There is no readme, right click rar archive extract here, and copy the 2 folders Maps & Textures and paste then here ut2004 folder

    No screenies, no download.
    And you might want to edit your post so it has the proper format, before a moderator jumps at you. You can read the posting rules here:


      why did you make throof see through? Also the node and wep pickup and ammo looks like it's off the ground in the second pic... just an observation.


        No the node is not off the ground, or the weapon locker.

        The roof is glass mainly because the center node was a difficult node to hold with the weapon locker pickup between node1 & node 2 containing the painter(i removed it for realease, should had left it in, origimal vctf-1anextcity][ had painter there), there r a couple of times when i was testing it taking control of all nodes no worries quite a few times being drilled by the bots virtually every time by them, so i removed it. I left it transparient cause as you take control of center node all you get in return for it is few extra weapons and good visability(no vechicles)

        I read quite a few tutorials on the setup for ons, one of those tutorials went in to details on what the person believed to be the best setup for protecting core from tanks(spawn killing) to quite a few things that i disagreed with, mainly when at least 3 top players on each team wont have those problems, many will disagree with me, unless u rank in top 50(even top100 week) for week at least i can understand y many would disagree, gamearena here in au does at times have plenty of top payers online to prevent many of the talk about suggestions from that tutorial

        Any way i hope you enjoy, if you want a bit more of a chellenge with it at the painter back to the weapon locker between node 1 and 2, im looking forward to playing it online soon.


          it looks wonderful.

          but why does it have vctf in its name if its an ons map?...

          edit: will dl and test soon


            I left vctf in there just so those that have played the vctf would figure out hopefully that its the same map for vctf just mildly mod'ed for a ons vesion

            Im still learning mapping if i had more time i would release a better version, but i cant see that happening since the one im working on (new map, wont be realeased unless it fits to a high quallity map, to my standards) is using up all my spare time.