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Jackie Brown Voicepack

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  • Jackie Brown Voicepack

    Bumped up the volume a notch from the beta.

    *warning: mature taunts*

    | SOUNDS: ACKS: 5 FFIRES: 6 NAMES: 0 |
    | ORDERS: 10 OTHERS: 39 TAUNTS: 48 |
    | TOTAL UNIQUE: 66 |

    "This Christmas, Santa's Got a Brand New Bag"

    My second voicepack from yet another movie that is close to my heart. Starring Pam Grier and Samuel L. Jackson directed by Quentin Tarantino. This is mainly a deathmatch voicepack for taunts but there are some acknowledgements and friendly fire sounds too, and some other lines from the movie I just couldn't pass up adding in.

    Download it here:

  • #2
    Broken download link

    The download link is broken (even L4Y is closing). Does anyone have this file yet?


    • #3
      Author of the vp here... If you PM me your email addy I will send it to you. It's 9.2MB. Glad to see some people are still playing the game.


      • #4
        Why not upload again?
        A lot of times I had to PM the author of content because of links broken...

        Just saying


        • #5
          It's been a long time since I played. If is gone, what's the new big site where files like this get hosted?


          • #6
            Filefront is now gamefront. I assume this is you:


            • #7
              Uploaded. Enjoy.



              • #8
                Here's the permanent GameFront mirror: