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Furious Steals - v1!

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    Furious Steals - v1!

    *copies and pastes news post*

    It's out!

    Furious Steals is a checkpoint racing mod set in open environments, which actually plays more like a continuous stream of vehicular deathmatch than a racing game. There are no weapons, however - the object is to ram your opponents to steal important items off them.

    • Three game modes:
      • In 'Gold', the object is to steal the gold from your opponents and drive it through a checkpoint to score points.
      • 'Bomb' is played in rounds - an explosive device is placed on a lucky player at the start of a round. Points are accumulated for holding it during the course of the round, but if the bomb goes off while you're carrying it, you lose all your points for that round!
      • 'Rabbit' is a simple game of tag that you might have played before - just try to hold on to the gold for as long as possible!
    • Simple controls: Put away your mouse, because Furious Steals plays like a classic racing game with simple keyboard controls.
    • Fast driving: Our vehicles have been optimised for speed and handling, with extra drift for managing powerslides and handbrake turns - you can even use your NOS for a quick boost of speed.
    • Customise your vehicle: Choose from 3 vehicles and pick from a range of different skins. Change vehicles midgame without any hassles.
    • Interactive environments: Serverside physics objects courtesy of the GoodKarma system allow for spectacular effects including moving obstacles and destructible elements. A custom-built particle system reacts to different surfaces and keeps the dust flying!
    • Reactive handling: Areas of slippery ice and boggy mud really effect the handling of your car.
    • Many server options: Tweak physics object reset time, allowed vehicles, car auto-reset and many other options to set up the game the way you like it.
    • Specially designed HUD features a realtime minimap, rear-view mirror, player indicators, mini-scoreboard and other random widgets to keep you informed of the action.
    • Designed for LAN parties and small internet matches. No AI to speak of (sorry!), but throw it into the mix the next time you have friends over and you'll see just how much fun it is!

    Finally, after many long months of hard work, and some other long months of idly sitting and really not doing much at all, our first public release of Furious Steals is here!

    Thanks of course to all the people who helped - not just the team members, but also the random others who were kind enough to playtest and get drunk with us and keep the dream alive for so long.

    So, that's that. Get going to our files page and download it now! If you don't have a copy of UT2004 or are just wondering if it's worth bringing out the dusty old CD's, don't worry - we have a new trailer online at the same location, as well as our first trailer we put out all those months ago.

    If you like the game, then please do get involved! There's many ways you can help us make 'Steals even better.
    - Take some pics or make a movie and share them with us!
    - Set up a server and let everyone know!
    - Make a map! We have an indepth tutorial for all you UnrealEd junkies out there.
    - Make some cars, or import one you prepared earlier! We don't really have a tutorial for this, but it's pretty easy and we'd be happy to hold your hand through it.
    - Coders, feel free to create your own gametypes! We'd love to include extra modes as a 'bonus pack' of sorts in future.
    - Tell us how we can make the experience better. Who knows? Maybe we'll include your suggestions in a future version or in a *possible* UT2007 remake...

    Well, what are you waiting for?
    Go watch a movie or download the mod now!

    We're also more than happy/eager for more mirrors, so if you do make any let us know and we'll add them to our list.

    Oh, and like the download page says, please do read the manual before playing so that you know what it's all about!

    Thanks guys!

    looks like fun MOD !

    downloading ...


      Downloading this! Looks awesome! Like clonebandits


        Wee! finally

        Jeep/Green is yellow.

        The problem with the bots is, that they only care for the objective if it is quite close, else they just hug each other.
        The problem with the humans is, there is no server

        The rest looks nice, I can't wait to play this against real opponents!


          Looking awesome. Downloading.


            Yeah, crappy bots :P
            If anyone is handy with AI and wants to help us out, let me know!


              looks like good fun, do the physics work on-line?


                of course, just make sure you have a connection that can handle it


                  from that 1 picture i see it looks like a verson of that racing mod with the cars
                  there was a push the ball around and some other stuff....uwheelz?


                    Downloading . . .

                    I have good feelings . . .



                      i also have good feelings...

                      no server.....this makes me cry


                        Someone should totally make a server!

                        And sarge, it's similar to unwheel in that they both feature cars, that's about it...


                          can you put up a description of what it does in the first page?
                          just that image doesnt help all to much


                            I think this is not too good. The AI does not work and there are no servers. But to even release this as a full version with the AI this way is terrible. Or to depend on servers is nuts.

                            This should be made offline worthy with good AI before anything and if you release it with no AI support then it nothing more than beta cute vehicles to drive round.

                            Better off just to make vehicle replacement mutator with your vehicles but this could be good maybe but I think better to be in the beta forum till you fix.


                              downloading now. sooo excited. the trailer looks awesome