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    looks great

    hostet on !
    D o w n l o a d


      great work dario ^^

      ps. do you remember me?


        Sure do! If I recall... (look for legacy-*il_Beppe*)


          ye ^_^
          got msn?


            cool details, i see you put alot of work in it, great overall design !
            but the gameplay sucks! its simply too dense and too small for an ons map with vehicles.
            i know i dont like maps that dont have air vehicles, but here im making an exceptions. But even with air vehicles ( i added myself some) this map lacks gameplay.
            maybe if it was a CTF map it wouldv been better

            Anyway good job with the details and atmosphere!



              Well, remember that Dreamus2 was a Make Something Unreal Contest winner, so you know that at least *someone* out there must like the gameplay

              Whether or not YOU appreciate it really depends on what your definition of fun Onslaught is. My definition is small and compact, with deathmatchy (but tactical) gameplay. Therefor, you can already guess that my favorite maps are Frostbite and Primeval, and that I bore easily on large maps like Dawn and Dria... so, in that light, it really depends on your tastes.

              Of course, there are lots of people who DO like the gameplay, so don't just up and say it downright sucks - what you mean is you don't like it, which is perfectly alright. I get a lot of emails from people saying it's in their top 3, only referring to the gameplay, usually commenting on the highly tactical assault/defense of the central mountain node... so these are obviously people, unlike yourself, who appreciate this style of gameplay, and have their own tastes.

              -- Edit: But now, who's the **** who voted 1 star on my thread? What's that all about?


                omg, its a winner, how come i didnt know ?
                congrats man !!

                maybe you can make a bigger version of it :P ?


                  Open space is wasted space. Open space is sometimes aesthetically pleasing but you don't need it to fly the Manta. A long road is the same as a short road, just less eventful. Dreamus crams maximum action into its space.


                    Holy **** Dario, its been so long I forgot what the bloody bug was in the first place lmao. Nice going - and the Gunreal pics look veeeery nice.

                    Actually Im more into BF2142 atm - at least until UT3 arrives (which may well actually be in 2142 at this rate)


                      Hey Wulf, long time no see
                      Originally posted by Wulf Sternhammer View Post
                      Actually Im more into BF2142 atm - at least until UT3 arrives
                      Heh, same. Actually, I'm too busy to do ANYTHING lately, but I play when I can (just started another run of Gears of War yesterday. Getting burnt out on 2142 - my 6600 GT is aging, and 2142 runs too choppy to do anything in Titan mode)


                        Glad to see you finally cracked the problem. Nice work!

                        I do have one question though. You think you can tweak your map one more time for us 32p players? This map has been a favourite of Titan since the servers went up two years ago and apart from the crashbug, always got voted when people had the change.

                        We need a small number of tweaks, like weaponlocker optimisation and reducing the huge number of vials / pickups (increases channel number exponantionally, which in return puts extra strain in the server => lag). Which ofcourse we dont want since its already going to be spammy enough.

                        Please drop by at our forums (see my signature for adress). We really, really want to play your map again.


                          Hey Fusion. Thanks for the compliments.

                          I'm really busy with Gunreal (see sig), but anyone is more than free to make a 32 player version for your server.




                            Thnx for your vote of confidence. We'll treat it with full respect.


                              Thanks Custom map servers are the reason I made Dreamus1 in the first place, so I don't want to neglect that crowd. It was so fun to log on each night, vote for some tiny, unfinished ONS map, then slaughter it out with 32 other people, on some map that ran at 1,000 FPS and had a row of driveable toilet cars. That's why D1 is so small and deathmatchy - mostly designed for those servers.

                              D2 is almost the same size, but splits up the map into distinct zones, making it feel much bigger, and catering more to Frostbite and Primeval fans [raises hand]. Having played hundreds of hours of ONS, and thousands of hours of the Battlefield series, I can safely say that I've grown weary of really large maps, and feeling like I'm always traveling, and rarely just purely strategizing my kills and efficiency (that's not everyone though - just me). That's why I love maps like Battlefield 2's Strike at Karkand (that map should be studied), Counter-Strike: Source's cs_office (teamwork & strategy 101), and HL2: DM's dm_lockdown -- maps where the difference between a low-scoring player and a high-scoring player is by far mostly strategy and technique, and not so much accuracy and reflexes in large, open areas.