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Piglet's UT2004 Server Monitor

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    Piglet's UT2004 Server Monitor

    Name: Piglet's UT2004 Server Monitor


    Compatibility: Perl CGI Websites

    Description: Perl UT2004 Server Monitor


    Web based server monitor which can cater for multiple servers.

    I couldn't find a server monitor anywhere that did what I wanted, so hacked together this over a couple of lunchtimes - then tweaked it for a while.

    People keep on asking me for it - so here it is.

    The script retrieves information about the server from four sources:

    1. The Gamespy Port on the server (for the majority of the information)
    2. The UT2004 proprietory format port on the server (for mutator information)
    3. The server Webadmin console panel (for chat)
    4. Epic Stats Site (for recently played maps stats information)

    The script buffers the retrieved information so that the server load is reduced. However many client requests you get the script only queries the server a maximum of the interval you set. Each of the four different queries is controlled separately so that you can can decide how often you want the query to happen.

    The script uses the current game type and map name to pick up an image from a the correct directory name. It will pick a random image from the directory relating to the game type and map. Where a map directory does not exist the script will pick a random map from the root of the gametype directory.

    It can run standalone, pass data back to vbulletin forums in php format - or send back javascript to a web page.

    See it in action standalone: Here.

    See it on vbulletin forum: Here.


    Download: Get it from here

    Thank you Piglet I've been looking for this.

    Circus, it's a server watcher for your website or forums, check the links.


      Awesome, love the VB stuff, thanks a million


        This looks awsome! Nice one piglet