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  • BR-Freefall

    Hey all,
    I finally decided to get my act together and post an old map of mine that I made when UT2003 was first released (yes I am actualyl that lazy and slow) Took me probably about a month and a half to make and learn the new editor at the time. Well I revived the old girl recently and forgot how much fun this level actually is, and decided it wasn't really fair to keep her locked away for so long. So to all those still playing 2004 Bombing Run give this map a try.

    Also just as a note I was intent on turning this into a CTF all those years back and releasing them together (I was more into BR at the time) so if anyone actually wants this as a CTF variant I will do a conversion for you all. I may also release some more of the oldies (I was heavily into mapping back in the hey day) if you all like this one. I have a 2v2 CTF map which is probably more chaotic then this.

    So here it is, link below has full screen 1600x1200 shots download links for both Rapidshare and Direct link off my server (please use Rapidshare if you can as I would like to keep my server up :P) and a link to the readme so you can have something to entertain you whilst you wait.

    BR-Freefall Webpage
    Map Size is 5.50mb

    Edit: New links added at
    page for map can be found Here

    Mapraider Direct

    Again let me know what you think and if I get enough feedback I will happily convert to CTF and even drag the older maps out of backups...

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    Very nice! I haven't played Unreal Tournament 2004 for weeks now. I must get back on track. Thank you for inspiring me to do the right thing by making this beautiful map!


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      yes it very nice !

      I dont see many BR map in space I mean on air .. good job


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        Extremely kool


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          It looks very good!

          Is it a remake of a Q3 map? It looks a bit like one of my favourite CTF-maps from Q3.


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            Glad you all like. I reckon I may get around to producing a CTF version of this map. It's a shame BR isn't as popular as I thought it would be when 2k4 first came out. For me I thought the gametype had great aspirations. Just didnt seemt o catch on.
            I am unfortunately overly critical of my own work... so I find one flaw with my original design and that's it I right it off. I hate myself for that Ah well i got it out in the end

            @ Extispex, sorry I probably should have mentioned. I did in other places. Yes it is a remake of a Q3 CTF map, mentioned it in the readme forgot about it here :P At the time this map in Q3 was the only reason I would turn Q3 on, quick fast and absolutely immense fun! I wanted to try and recreate that feeling in UT2k4, OK it didn't turn out as quick but I reckon it's just as if not more so on a totally different aproach.

            Here's a tip: put on zoom instagib, translocs off, and expect some intense heart pounding and insane last second saves

            Also if anyone is interested the map is now up on here go on vote for me

            They took some shots which I am quite impressed with and even added another couple of hosts:
            mapraider direct

            I shall Update the links in the first post, and will also let you all know when the CTF version is released.


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              OK a quick update..
              To hell with the BR version :P

              Finished converting the map to CTF last night.. It's the most fun I think I have had in a CTF game for a long time.
              I was saying in the post before that it wasn't as quick as the Q3 variant... well I was right... It's quicker! I mean super insane quick. The bots zip across the map with transloc, steal everything in sight and just for the hell of it do most of the work for you. I mean honestly I thought the bots were intelligent before.. I barely got a look in, well other than turning around to get a trillion volts of electricity in my face.

              So just to let you know I will be releasing the CTF variant shortly. If you liked this map or just love CTF i would highly recommend.


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                This map is excellent. It fits the BR gametype very well. Good work.