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OSM-UseOfWeapons [A singleplayer campaign for OSMT]

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    OSM-UseOfWeapons [A singleplayer campaign for OSMT]

    Phew, 2 months & you don't know how happy I am to finally be finished.
    It's my entry for the Unreal Playgound OSM mapping comp, and will also be included as part of the UP-coming OSM mappack, featuring all the other entries (and ****' good they are too, going by what I've seen).

    [97mb .rar @FileFront]
    [104mb .Zip @UP]

    It's a 7-level, single-player only campaign; putting you in the place of Dave, who in classic Unreal style wakes up on his ship one day, to find all is not well..

    [continued due to image restrictions]

    7x UT.2 files
    12x .ogg files
    1x file
    1x Readme.txt
    1x Screenshot.jpg

    Please do set your details to max & music on - I'd hate for you D/L those .oggs for nuttin'.
    I tried to emulate a *proper* singleplayer shooter - and so it gets quite tough as you progress through the campaign - setting lives to 5 in the gametype settings might be a good idea if you sucked at Unreal1.
    Also note, that it's possible to load any of the levels in the normal UT maplist, in any order, so just ncase you need to know, I recommend you begin on level 1 (it will auto-load the next level when you finish the current one).

    Thanks to:

    Just about everyone really.
    *SuperApe for the toolset, the gametype, & loadsa help during the build - consistantly replying straight away with help, advice & encouragement.
    *Donator, for building the brush I used for the cranes' grabber-buckets - from his excellent map DM-OSR-Rockmill.
    *Hourences - For several textures from the IndustrX texture package, some of which I've further modified in photshop, and others I've used as-is.
    *G-Lecter - For some great advice on advanced movers, and for getting me out a deep-dark hole I'd been stuck in for over 2 days, with no hope of getting myself out.
    * Too many others to list here - but thank you nonetheless. [/big heart smiley]

    Game files are contained in thier appropriate folders (ie: map files in the Maps folder, music files in the Music folder, etc..) for ease of installation.
    Unzip or copy/paste the UT.2 files to UT2004/Maps.
    Unzip or copy/paste the .ogg files to UT2004/Music.
    Unzip or copy/paste the osmt files into their appropriate folders, as detailed in the seperate readme.

    UT2004, version 3369
    The ECE bonus pack
    A sense of humour
    I think that's it, but try to have the community bonsu packs as well, just to be safe.

    I really do hope you have fun with it - I've tried my hardest to make something that the fans of Unreal will enjoy.
    All the best, & GGs!


      It would be possible, but would mean ripping out & rebuilding most of the levels, since it's all designed around only one player (things like the objectives, cutscenes, etc..)

      I didn't know until a week or two ago that anyone wanted coop, and at over 190mb uncompressed, I seriously doubted anyone would want to sit & stare at a black download screen for 30mins or an hour.

      As you say though - quite a few folks have said they want coop play, & if I can figure out a way to make the cutscenes & plot I've got worked uot to work with several players, I'd love to see if I can't do just that for the sequel. (oh yeah.. )


        Originally posted by Circus
        I removed all OSM stuff now because I dont want to have improper stuff installed and it looks as though we all may not be on the same page??
        Don't worry, Circus. BigJim's map is part of the OSM Adventure Mapping Competition that ended on Halloween. His download includes the latest version of OSMT (v1.2). This version of OSMT is the latest, it's backwards compatible. Everything should be fine for this map and all previous maps using OSMT.

        I have not been able to play this map due to RealLife(tm) stuff, but I have to assume according to the description of the problem that this is simply a puzzle to figure out. (Not a bug in either the map or the toolset.)

        I heard from BigJim that there has been extensive testing of this adventure, so I have to give him the benefit of the doubt. I will be going through the map shortly and report back if/when I discover anything needing a fix before the OSM Adventure Map Pack is released (which will be done after judging of the competition).

        Btw, for coop conversion, it depends on the map, but generally a map should be designed with coop in mind. Too many logistical factors (like a gate that can slam down and separate a group) need to be weighed to make a coop map. Normally, they can't be simple conversions. However, I am pretty sure I can convert OSM-Guide to coop, so that mappers can see what needs to be done for coop and so players get an initial taste of what's to come. More on that after I finish with the comp and map pack.

        Everyone can keep an eye on the OSM Adventure maps that come out by heading over to UnrealPlaygrounds OSM map archive:

        And keep in touch with the discussion on the OSMT toolset by checking out the Old Skool Monsta Toolz subforum on UnrealPlayground:


        I can't wait to play this adventure, BigJim! It took a while for my dial-up to grab it, but I got it now.


          Thanks Ape, yeah it's been pretty much tested to death by me and several Titan ONSers (and they're picky guys..) - the only reason I list ECE & CBP1&2 as requirements is because I used a "clean" installation of 2K4 to build it with, with nothing extra installed except ECE & the CBP packs.

          Therefore, if anyone ever had a missing resource error, it'd be easy for them to figure out what's needed.

          It's listed here as well as UP to try & get more people aware of the mod (osmt that is, not mine, mine's not a mod per-se, imo).
          Remember how people were always going on about there not being a decent singleplayer Unreal game for the UE2?
          I started the project to try & get people interested in making thier own Unreal, so it seemed natural to try & get as much exposure as possible.

          As to the Armoury, don't worry matie - there's an electronic lock located in the captain's room, controlled by a Use-Trigger.
          In fact, just about all the "triggerable" objectives are controlled by a UseTrigger.
          I used the UT instead of a ProximityTrigger, so that teh player "knew" they'd hit the trigger, and you didn't just trigger them off by accident, and then be left wondering what to do.

          If you can't get a weapon, try looking around the rooms for the wall-mopunted trigger (don't try & engage the Skaarj unarmed ), you can't miss it once you find the room (and even the room is signposted outside).

          *EDIT* Ooh, I just noticed your last post; Hmm, that's weird; I've not heard anyone else having that problem, either in Beta or the Final version, let me just go & have a look at it to be safe..

          Weird - it works fine for me..
          I stand on the bed, walk up to the trigger & press use, and I get a "Access to Armoury Granted" message, and the green monitor comes on.

          If you still can't get to work, try opening the consol, and type;
          "CauseEvent ArmourySwitch" (withouth the speechmarks)

          This will confim for you whether it's plain old fashioned not working, or wheter it's just the key you're using.
          I do promise you I wouldn't just put some half-tested mess out, I spent at least as much time playing over the levels as I did in the Ed itself.

          PS: Sorry for the mega filesize - as a vctf mapper I normally have to bend over backwards to make sure I produce tiny-small maps, so that players aren't sitting for hours looking at a black redirect screen.

          In this case, I knew that it'd be played offline only, so I was able to go to town on the detail, music, and so forth - I reckon it's not *too* bad considering the amount of content there - but I do wish I coulda' got it smaller.

          Maybe I should include an extra .UHA version next time?
          I hear that compresses even smaller than .rar.


            Yup, I noticed your last post (after SuperApe's) after I'd posted, so I edited mine accordingly, and included screenshots to try & show you that it *does* work.

            The reason the scale is pretty big is a natural part of UE2, since you can jump so high and dodge so far, it usually looks even weirder if you're in a cramped space, plus, it's no fun fighting monsters when you can't dodge, jump or whaever because of the limited headroom (that's why I don't like Quake4, othewise it's a great game).

            To be fair though, level 1 is the ugliest level of the bunch, since I started on that one and they (imho ) got successively better as I went along.

            The other computer monitors you see lying around (with scolling green text) are just a reference to Red Dwarf ("they're all dead, dave.."), just a silly throw-away line for anyone who noticed.

            I'm sorry dude it seemed unnatural to put the trigger there, it just seemed more natural to me that the ship's armoury was controlled by a dedicated system, rathr than the capatain's Pc, that was just the way I thought at the time..


              Hey, MP matie - I freely admit that I'm more used to building multiplayer maps, and by god it's very different to build SP maps..

              I just honeslty don't want anyone to *not* have fun, I'd hate to think that any had D/Led over 100mb & not get a GG out of it, that's all.

              I do hope you continue to check it out bud, level 1 is meant purely to be the intro to the rest of the campaign (like level 1 in Unreal was), & so I wouldn't want you to give up & think that's as good as it gets.

              HF matie & GGs.


                poor jim, i should of watched the titan forums, dont go there to often, would of beta tested it then

                Hmm hope you not lieing about the main charicter or ill take you out of my map >:O


                  Heh heh, to be honest the reason I chose Dave as the captains' name was because it's an every day guy kinda name, normally game characters are called something tres-dramatic like Chuck Razor, or Krash Johnson or some stoopid thing, & so I thought there wasn't enough people with just normal sounding names.

                  (Like Craig, Garry, Paul, or Toby, why do we never see a Toby in games?)

                  The reason I asked the Titan guys to test it was basically so I could keep it limited to a (relatively) small number of people.
                  I didn't want to give the whole story or all the (poor ) jokes away, so it was best to keep the testers relatively few (about 25 people testing).


                    lol the main charicter better be hot
                    with like a freaking 8 pack or something


                      don't go to far, Sarge, or people might think your coocoo


                        Hell im making him a character for number 2 j/k i donno what he is doing with it, anyway if you go to unrealplayground forum you will learn more >:]


                          Originally posted by BigJim View Post
                          I chose Dave as the captains' name was because it's an every day guy kinda name, normally game characters are called something tres-dramatic like Chuck Razor, or Krash Johnson or some stoopid thing, & so I thought there wasn't enough people with just normal sounding names.
                          I thought it was a red dwarf reference - especially since the screens display a quote.


                            **** im a midget then?


                              Originally posted by View Post
                              I thought it was a red dwarf reference - especially since the screens display a quote.
                              Well spotted There's quite a few references to various films & games, etc throughout the maps, nothing important but just summat for the keener eyed folks to spot & go "oh-ah..".