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    Originally posted by Sjosz View Post
    I do not think there's only one way and that that way is the best way. Insults are not needed.
    It was a question Sjosz..and ok i 've understood your answer.

    And sure, insults are not needed. When you said " To be honest, I do not really see why a lot of people just praise the level" ---> it can be taken for an insult cause perhaps you thought some of us were stupid cos they liked the way the map was done.

    No offense intended.


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      + Graphics
      + Music

      - Waaaaaaay too complicated imo...
      - FPS is horrible...

      Because a map has to be played, which is not possible due it's complexness and it's very low fps at most times, i vote this map 3/10

      No offense of course m8, nice job, but you gotta keep in mind that gameplay > graphics

      This message was towards the CTF-Kernal map

      EDIT: Just noticed that this thread is OLD


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        Originally posted by Denk View Post
        No offense of course m8, nice job, but you gotta keep in mind that gameplay > graphics
        It's just YOUR opinion, for me by example Gameplay = Graphics, no less no more but of course it's just MY opinion...Different tastes, thats the way it is...


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          CTF-Kernel is a map architecturally ahead of its time. This map is thematically creative, but suffers from optimization problems, a saturated appearance from the heavy uniform lighting throughout both bases, and generally overall poor layout.

          With UT2004's optimization scheme, maps like CTF-Kernel are very difficult to effectively optimize, resulting in considerable low fps and sluggish game play. Perhaps maps like CTF-Kernel will find a good home in UT2010. In addition, the overall lighting in the map, with the exception of a few localized spots, is so heavy and so uniform it gives both bases a saturated look, everything is the same color blue or the same color red. Moreover, and more importantly, the layout is poorly conceived, (Reminds me of CTF-December, or CTF-January). Only one way to reach the enemy base from the main level, and only two access points in each base to the lower level, one of those access points being near the flag. This makes entering and leaving the lower level difficult and even somewhat confusing. The location of the shockrifle makes little sense, as does the location of the flak cannon. Where the health packs are not terribly placed, it makes little sense to place health vials in front of health packs. The health vials would have been better located on the ledge. On a positive note, the map isn't overflowing with power ups and some of the health packs are well placed. With all the glass, its still difficult to track other players (that's a good thing) and sometimes you can mistaken an enemy that is actually below you for an enemy in front of you (or on the same level).

          The most significant improvement that could be made to the map is either better optimization, or replace half the glass sections with solid panels, like the ones on the ramps. The next thing that could be done is to create more access points between the lower level and the main level, and add one more route between bases on the main level.


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            Very nice map! Excellent work


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              I think its one of the few users maps I have ever played that meet the same level of intense action-packed gameplay I have expected from games since TFC.

              I don't have any framerate problems and I'm playing on an Apple Crapintosh (GRAPHICS = NVIDIA 'fuking crap' 5200)


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                I think Vladimir's DM-Aeris is a good map (good flow, good fps, good wholesome fun for the whole family), better than this one.

                I look forward to VoodariuS's next map.

                He's in my favorite mapper list at Mapraider.


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                  good different one

                  many paths to flag before I sleep; can be hard to defend, crazy futuristic atmosphere with glass floors, custom music is great with the riffs; my bots can almost defend, opposing bots can’t defend well either





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                    Cyber-funky CTF map!

                    Superior atmosphere, visuals, shading, FPS (better use normal to higher specs), and eye candy. Many paths to go through (separately) with cyber trance layout, glass floors, and eerie noises. Love the custom weapon/item bases and custom music choice. Fun gameplay and the bots are quite decent. My bot-mates will likely defend to this.



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                      Originally posted by VoodariuS View Post
                      Name: CTF-Kernel

                      Comments: This is an unusual ctf map performed in futuristic setting. There are three levels: upper, common and lower. Lower and common separated by glass. You can see your enemy carrying your flag, but you can't kill him thru the glass! (% There are also some fun features on this map. To prevent your brains from being damaged, I'd better say: this map is VERY unusual.

                      Description: No living creature remembers who constructed these giant skyscrapers eons ago. No one knows why they still function on this deserted planet..

                      Credits: me & Satellence
                      Music by Daddy Warhol

                      Compatibility: UT2004


                      Screenshots: (1000x600)

                      Download 13mb (
                      Download 13mb (
                      screen shots dont load but i will download because of the good comments
                      oh wait i cant download because the links are dead


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                        Originally posted by maxim123 View Post
                        screen shots dont load but i will download because of the good comments
                        oh wait i cant download because the links are dead
                        Check SkaarjMaster's post (post #23). Screenshots are on the working links except GameFront.


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                          Also, just google the map name with the game together and you can usually find plenty of links for most of these maps. That's all I do and Tux has brought the idea of posting the latest links, so I try and do that lately also.