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VCTF-DG-Arctika by DGUnreal

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    VCTF-DG-Arctika by DGUnreal

    Name: VCTF-DG-Arctika
    Version: 1.0 final
    Requirements: UT2004 (patch 3369) and ECE1.1
    Players: 6 to 32
    Download: Arctika main map page.
    Mirrors: mapraider.

    See the DGUnreal web site for full map information and additional screenshots and more maps.

    -= Arctika =-

    Set in a post-WW3 nuclear winter.


    Absolutely amazing. No doubt the best VCTF map I've played in months. Also, it's so large that you should probably make an ONS version as well.



      An ONS version was mentioned on the TitanONS forums, however it will be a short while before I can get around to looking into doing this as I currently have six other new maps in various levels of alpha and beta.

      Just a note for others reading this thread, Arctika is not too large for a VCTF, it is only about 35 seconds from flag to flag, placing it in the medium size range.


        Never played VCTF, so this will be a first..


          another great map - keep reeling them off



            Yes, no Mantas both because of Manta Runs and also because this map is small enough that a Manta can get from flag-to-flag too quickly, making this a real Manta dominated map if they were available as vehicles.
            Using air and going straight across the terrain, I can get from FtoF in 11 seconds.... IMHO too quick.

            I made some design decisions that may not be cool with all gamers unfortunately...
            One of them being that there is no ion kill zone, simply because there are easter eggs in outer areas in the Battlefield Volumes, plus the roads in some areas do follow very close to the boundary Battlefield Volumes and putting in kill volumes was a hassle for Raptors who like to push it to the edge.

            Hopefully enough people will still like the map to put it onto some servers.

            Flag hiding in VCTF can be a problem on all maps.
            Every VCTF map that I know of has this problem. I've been able to hide for a long time in maps like LonesomeGlen and DragonSpire, etc.
            The only way to circumvent it would be solid cliffs or blocking volumes along every road and path, in which case you may as well play indoors with all walls.
            On all of our beta tests, it was rare that a flag carrier got totally out of site so that no one knew what location they were heading in and were not able to locate them, especially with the Raptors. The only real out-of-sight places would be hiding in the ruined skyscrapers. Anywhere else and I'll find you in a few seconds with a Raptor.

            Did you try seven bots all on GodLike?
            In our LAN beta tests here, we tried combinations of humans/bots between 8 and 32 players, and this map plays best with 14 through 20 players total (14 and 16 are my favourite loads).
            Fewer than that and it is easy to dominate/capture (2-12), and more than that (22-32) and it becomes a frag fest where no one gets a cap easily (even when we played for two to three hours...)


              Interesting test bed, very polished and well thought out but not a pub map imo. There are several ways it could work but I'm doubtful any of them are really possible in public at this time. I'll go into detail if you'd like but I prefer voip to forum posts.


                Another Amazing map !

                downloading now ... thank you !!!


                  Thanks BuffyTheSlayer.
                  I hope you enjoy the map.

                  Coming next is a DM map...


                    A really fine map.
                    Had fun playing it to. DG you are the king of terrain maps, hell man how do you do it, you roll them out like McDonalds do burgers.

                    So your going DM ha, don’t thing I’ve seen a DG DM map. Should be interesting, any theme // style in mind.


                      Thanks p2.

                      Hopefully my maps taste better than McD's burgers.

                      Actually, SandStone was three months of full-time work, and Arctika was five weeks full-time... by full-time I mean 8 to 12 hours per day and 6 days a week on average. So "rolling them out" is a lot of work...

                      I do my community maps in between my freelance pro mapping contracts.

                      All of my UT99 maps were DMs.

                      When UT200x shipped, I didn't like the online DM because most servers have the player counts too high so they are nothing but frag-fests, so I moved into ONS and really liked it (especially with VoIP). That's why many of my UT200x maps have an ONS design style.

                      To increase my UT200x map portfolio design range, I have four DM game type maps under development, which vary from full outdoor with buildings and terrain, to full indoor.
                      I also have two more ONS under development, for those who like my ONS style.

                      I'm going to try to get all of them done before UT2007 ships...


                        Another great map, also cant wait for the new DM's


                          Originally posted by DGUnreal
                          Thanks p2.

                          Hopefully my maps taste better than McD's burgers.
                          ARRRRRRRRRRRRR NEVER I TELL YOU, NEVER.

                          Oh nice map by the way, top stuff.


                            Very nice map!

                            I must say I was so impressed with the visual impact of the map I researched your past maps and also added FalloutIsland to our server.

                            Keep up the fine work DG.



                              More new maps are under development.
                              Hopefully they get better both visually and gameplay with each map released, since I try to incorporate the things that I learn from each one into the new maps.
                              Arctika is my latest map at the time of this post.