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    I just uploaded my new Deathmatchmap: DM-FreeTibet
    Recommended # of Players: 6 –12
    Lots of custom content/ I created also custom pickups (description in the Readme, along with a lot of other information).
    Filesize packed: 27.1 MB.

    A large Map with different enviroments (outdoor, indoor and caves) and lots of z-axis action.

    “After decades Tibet is still occupied by China. Chinese authorities start to rent the buddhist shrines and monasteries to deathmatches. So they continue with their aim to destroy tibetan culture and religion. This valley is one of these sacred places, during the day it transforms into an arena for the bloody show, but when night comes and the guns are silent again, the monks and nuns are coming back to meditate in the spirit of buddha and pray for a peacefull and free Tibet.”

    If you have problems with FPS, adjust your world and physics detail (and evetually your texture details), this will let lot of decoration, emitters and projectors disappear, this will give you a performanceboost.

    Superweapons in the map: The Redeemer (only reachable for human players) and the Targetpainter

    You can get information (cultural/religious) about paintings (tankas) and statues by pressing Use (a Usetrigger)

    You can get it here:


    Awesome map, good to see the final is out!

    Ah, if only I had a better PC; I like to play with all the eye candy enabled, which in this case means, uh, not so good fps... But it's a real piece of art.


      nice asia flair ..... and a beautiful skybox

      Download @,119/


        Is there a thread for this at UP or are you just using their bandwidth?


          Looks great.


            Yes, there is a thread at UP ( ), I am using the screenies of that thread.

            Thanks for the additional mirror!


              That`s a really great Map=>It`s good to have a Final Release!!


                it up in pcgamemod too