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Solo Weapon Pickups

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    Solo Weapon Pickups

    Name: Solo Pickups
    Version: 1
    Compatability: UT2004(maybe 2k3)
    Description: All the default UT2004 weapon pickups(as well as the TL, Superweapons and the IG Rifle) rigged as placeable versions.
    They retain their position online(at least they should, so far my testing has shown they do)
    Comments: Tried these once before and it didn't work, they do now, so I ain't griping
    The zip has a test map to show how they can be positioned, also has the .Uc files so you can compile them into your own package(ie: myLevel)

    Credits: Me
    Download: UT2003HQ

    Use them as you see fit, but if you compile them into a map, I ask that you give me a nod in the map readme

    [Edit]Bah, forgot the thread icon. I think this would fall under Utility