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    The first time the problem occurred was halfway into a match. The second time was indeed at the start and probably did interrupt the intro sequence.

    I had not even noticed the intro sequence. The radar map is not displayed right away when the map finishes loading. It is only displayed after the match starts (which is after the 3.. 2.. 1 countdown). Before that I see the vehicles warping in, but no radar map. However, if I press Escape during that time I will interrupt the intro sequence and see an incomplete map. Perhaps you could move the intro sequence to whenever the radar map is first displayed (be it at the start of the match or when the player presses Escape), or even skip/fast-forward it when Escape is pressed.

    freezeall, despite the name, does not freeze everything. I'm not sure what gets frozen and what does not, but some things certainly keep running.


      Alright, I took a few minutes to look this over a bit more ... first thing I've found is that "freezeall" affects pawns and vehicles only, and as such isn't going to affect anything with respect to the way the radar map is drawn, so no need to worry about that.

      Second, I tried reproducing the same effect as you described, on the same map, even, and I do see precisely what you're talking about. I'd suggest just typing ToggleIntro into the console one time (the setting is saved in your User.ini file), which should make all this go away.

      I can understand why you wouldn't notice the intro sequence while playing an Instant Action game, indeed because anytime you bring up the Escape menu the game is paused, and so too will be the progression of the intro sequence. This being in constrast to net play, where of course the time on the server continues to march forward when players bring up the menu.

      Maybe when the map is drawn on the Escape menu, as opposed to the in-game minimap, the intro sequence should be foregone. Or, perhaps the proper change to make in a future version release would be simply to disable it altogether when playing Instant Action, irrespective of the ToggleIntro setting. For now, though, I think it'd be easiest just to switch that to "off".




        I understand about the intro causing the problem the second time, but the first time was halfway into a match. It was... different, too, somehow. Stuff not being refreshed as I changed link setups. I'll let you know if it happens again.