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    Name: DoomMonsters
    Author: INIQUITOUS & ProZak
    Filename: (8.17MB)
    Release Date: 16/08/06
    Credits: UBH for porting the DoomModels to UT2004.
    Software used: UnrealEd.
    Compatibility: UT2004 and patch 3369

    This mutator adds the following monsters for invasion:

    BrownImp - Configurable Health (melee fighter)
    RedImp - Configurable Health (melee fighter)
    HalloweenImp - Configurable Health (melee fighter)
    HellKnight - Configurable Health (melee fighter)
    HellKnightO - Configurable Health (melee fighter)
    CyberDemon - Configurable Health and Damage
    Vagary - Configurable Health and Damage

    Includes 1 PreloadMut for Vagary and 1 PrleoadMut for the others as they rely on a seperate file.

    Read the readme for all monster lines and serverpackages etc...

    DownLoad Here

    Or go to my site for a complete description and more info.

    WoW, thats looks great.

    EDIT: The link is messed up.


      I don't play invasion ever, and don't really like Doom, but I'm downloading this, it looks fun.


        Holy Moly. Excellent work!


          yay finally out ! I have all models already too

          yay I got now thank you !


            Oh my! Thanks for letting me know buffy :imagine a heart icon:

            it's working now

            Remember you can always go and grab it from my site


              Hmm... looks cool... but judging from the screenies, the Cyber-D looks... tiny. (._.)

              I'mma test this out when I get home.


                Doom3Monster Looks Great

                wow looks great but how can i decompress the file ukx i read on FAQ Generall
                but it don't work for me i have only the compress file i change name and other things i try didnt work can somebody help me with that


                  So there's no crash bugs with the vagary? I remember really loving the player model version but ultimately had to throw it out because she crashed the game whenever killed by the link gun alt fire.


                    Thanks buffy. I always love your screenshots

                    Vagary hasn't caused any problems yet what so ever. I always test every monster with every weapon.

                    To decompress the file (unfortunately that is the only site that is hosting the file) , first move the compressed filed into your ut2004/system folder. open a command window > startmenu>run>type cmd. Then go to your UT2004 system directory and type ucc decompress UbHDM3Pack.ukx.uz2 . This will leave a decompressed version in your system folder, just cut and paste it into the animations folder.


                      Okaaay~ readme says I need to get a file called UbHDM3Pack.ukx to make this work, but I don't know how to get it for the life of me.

                      Anybody help?


                        Theres a direct link on my site to the site/page that is hosting the file. Or here is the link

                        Link Here

                        Right click and save as.


                          Ah, thanks. Downloading.

                          Now, if only I can find Monster Manager 1.8... are there mirrors for this (the original host is down and I don't think it'll come back up for a while...)?


                            I didn't quite tested them yet, but I'm really confused about one thing: animations.
                            the screenshots from buffy shows the hell knight doing this awesome attack kind of things sometimes, other times, when they run/walk, they look like they are using the normal player animations, and they look crappy (when they are running like that holding nothing in the hands) which I would recommend to change(althought i suggest to port doom animations to fit). For example, looking at a cyberdaemon run by holding this rocket, thing it has attached to it's arm looks fine, but when an imp runs by doing that it just doesn't match, and it would look better if it could just run around in both 2 and 4 legs.

                            other than that they are ok, specially vagary. I would like to see some other monsters if youare going to relesase a 2nd version? lacks the zombies and pinky hehe
                            got anidea!, here was some zombie updater or something in Zombies of Nightmare mutator, like if you can add or update the zombies there, it would be cool to put the doom3 zombies in something like that, but anyways i'm just making up things