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    Name: DM-SevereTorture (Severe Torture Facility)

    Version: Full Version 1.0

    Compatibility: Newest ut2k4?

    Description: A old factory in wich "smart" human skin was developed. But 50 years later only the by skin overgrown facility stands.

    Comments: I've worked on this map longer than I can remember and this map has been my baby for very long.
    I like it enough now to show it to you guys and girls.

    The map is quite large and kinda hitscan dominated....and kinda made to suit my style of play.

    Boiler Room: The biggest room in the map and supports the most action.

    Double Damage Room: Holds the DD pickup and is a interesting chokepoint.

    Minigun Room: This room makes it easy for attackers from the high ground to rain death with the Mini upon unfortunate warriors below.

    Credits: (almost forgot about them)
    Zoeff - A member of the UE and helped me find a lot of exploits in the map
    utw-Mephisto - for letting me spam his forums
    eviL<3 - Also a UE member and bughunter who always uploaded my map.
    Fox Hound - Bughunting and stuff. Thanks man
    Darkus - UE member, helped me with getting the graphical side of the map bug free.
    Gefrierbrand - UE member, got rid of some major exploits with blocking volumes wich wer'nt really blocking volumes and showing me how to make blocking volumes and helping with ALOT with the lights in the map. mega thanks man
    toniglandyl - Not a UE member but still in the credits
    Slainchild - For inspiration and....stuff
    Sir Nevets - Cause it's me.
    And probably a lot more pepole

    Creators Note:
    I know some parts of the map look a bit cleaner than other parts but before you'll start *****ing about that I'll just say this.
    In a factory not every place is as dirty as a fricking slimepit...believe I know...I work at a factory


    A link from yahoo DL
    A Link from Upload Temple

    Have another download spot? Yahoo's is slow.


      Pics look sweet although pic two looks like it could have done with a lot more work, any way downloading.


        haven't looked at the dl...working on getting a new one


        Made one via upload temple


          Much better.