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UT2Vote54 Released

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    UT2Vote54 Released

    Name: UT2Vote
    Version: 5.4
    Compatibility: 3369+/-
    Description: A Voting mutator for UT2004
    Comments: Over 50 Games can be configured and over 50 odd Mutators. Clan Match and Warmup options also available with Game Setup options. Extensive Admin options also available to configure each Game seperately.
    Credits: ProAsm & Team - Socke, PoW, Imaginos, frogger, sh0V3l, hmishima, Mephisto, tuco, CvRoy, Nikki, De$tiNy, Assraker, Yakomo
    UT2Vote Website:
    UT2Vote54 Download:
    UT2Vote Team Support Forum:

    Fixes and changes

    1. Server Messages

    Fixed where All was not selectable in the Games or available in the menu.
    The Server Messages Menu has now been made to work Clientside, hence updating is done almost immediately.
    Fixed problem where Fading colors faded incorrectly in a message, like when the brightness (A=) is set less than 200.
    The maximum Textsize has been increased from 5 to 9 giving bigger options.
    A OnceOnly option has been added in the case where an Admin wants a message to only be displayed once, like a welcome message.
    It is now possible to display up to 3 lines of messages at the same time.
    This is made possible by placing a tilde '~' anywhere within a message.
    Message=" Powered by UT2Vote ~ For voting options ~ Console: Mutate UT2VoteMenu "
    It is now possible to [b]sort[b] your messages in the Message Menu with Up and Down buttons.
    Sorting of message can only be done when no other editing, deleting or adding is done.
    Once any form of editing is done, these buttons will disable themsleves and can only be enabled by exiting the menu and returning.
    The same goes the other way, if the Up/Down buttons are used all other editing options will be disabled, this how ever is reset again after 5 seconds once the Submit button is clicked.
    Using the Delete button will now have a 5 second time wait before refreshing.
    A 5 second delay has been added before the 1st Server Message is displayed.
    Clan Match Message.
    If [ClanMatch] is added as the first part of the message, then this message will only be displayed at game end just before a ClanMatch starts, in otherwords after the ClanAdmin has clicked on the SetMatch button in the ClanSetup.

    2. AltMapPrefixes.

    Added where the GameType's AltMapPrefix= can now have up to 10 different map prefixes.
    For instance: AltMapPrefix="CTF,DM,DOM,AS,ONS"
    The number of maps per prefix depends on the number of prefixes.
    Maps each = 250 / Number of prefixes.
    So if you have 5 prefixes as per example, then you will be allowed 250/5 = 50 maps of each type.
    It does not allow more of one if you only have say 20 of another as they are devided into equal slots.
    These maps are only available during the current game.
    If you vote for a new Game, then only that game's particular maps will be available for the vote.
    Once the game has switched then the number of MapPrefixes for that game will come into effect.
    If UseMapList=True is set in a GameType, then the AltMapPrefix= maps will now also use the UT2004.ini maplists.

    3. GameSpeed.

    Fixed incorrect GameSpeed reporting in Web Browser if set to GameSpeed=1.05 or 1.06

    4. Vote Timings.

    Fixed problem where the Voting timeout would sometimes display briefly after timeout.
    Fixed the problem where it was possible for the VoteMaxTime to be less than the VoteMinTime.

    5. Maximum Menu Values.

    Maximum GoalScore allowed has been raised from 200 to 999 for all games.
    All other Maximum and Minimum values in the Admin Menus have now been corrected.
    The maximum time allowed in a DefaultSwitch= has been increased from to 60 minutes.
    The GameVoteTime= has been increased from 99 to 999 minutes for thise that like long games.
    AdminMessages= will now default to 3 instead of 0 should the ini file be deleted.

    6. Access Nodes

    Many Access Nones have been fixed in both server and client logs including those that appeared in Instant Action games.

    7. UT2Vote ini File.

    If the ini file is now deleted and a new one created, all the necessary defaults will be writen correctly.
    Many Access Nones that occured during this process has also been fixed.

    8. Incorrect Map Switch.

    The problem where players voted for a new game, then did not reach a majority on the map, the server would select a Random map from the current game and play it in the new game, this has now been corrected.

    9. Player Muting

    The problem where a player after being muted, could leave a game and come back un-muted has been fixed.

    10. Player Banning.

    Up to now UT2Vote only used the players UniqueID for banning references.
    Now it also uses the IPAddress as well as the Nickname.
    So if the player matches any of the 3 items, he will remain banned.

    The UT2Vote Team

    Very nice.
    I was wondering about the Player Muting option when someone quit, rejoined and started talking again. Glad to see it was fixed.

    By the do you un-mute people? o_O


      Although I don't use this on our servers as yet. Nice job guys


        By the do you un-mute people? o_O
        You dont
        Its only for the current level anyways.


          The link for this version is dead. I'm needing it badly in order to watch a specific demo.

          Proasm do you think you could fix the link, please?

          <3 I would really really appreciate it.


            Current version is 55 isn't it? Click on his website. You shouldfind it there.




                you can run any of the final versions...they are all quite stable. We always continue improvements and bug fixes. If you'd rather we can just stop supporting it..?


                  Originally posted by Frogger View Post
                  you can run any of the final versions...they are all quite stable. We always continue improvements and bug fixes. If you'd rather we can just stop supporting it..?
                  No keep making them and supporting them God only knows when 2007 will come out ...

                  Thanks for all the work proasm crew!!


                    Agreed with Ga8or