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Old Skool Monsta Toolz (including the OSM Adventure gametype)

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    Hey Mate, i ve just check it out, now im almost starting to work on a OSM mod(it will be like the old unreal, i will do remakes of all the U series's maps :P), so, can you please do a OSMT package of the satore monster pack too?It includes the titan/queen/mercenaries and many other enemies, i love fight titans!


      The Single Player Framework template mod would be the best option for you then. It has every single Unreal monster and plenty of cool tools that Unreal could dream of. I'm using it to create a Unreal tribute mod since a while

      The only problem is:
      You can't find it anymore, it seems like the Fraghouse mod community closed and no links are working and their page is down.

      I feel like I'm the only person that has it but I have modded it already pretty much for my own use (it's already 1.66GB big - no joke! I'll have to split my mod into many episodes otherwise it will be way too big lol) and it would take a while to get rid of all these things to make it useful for you... I can try it though - I think I had a clean installation of it somewhere on my old PC. You will like it. You can combine it with the OSM tools (just put them into the SP Framework). Shall I search for it later?

      If I find it I can post a link for you tomorrow (should be an about 13MB big zip-file).

      EDIT: That's what I mean:
      Error 404. And yes, it is the only link out there.


        Well, i have just played SP frame and dont liked it, i think the monster's scripts sucks near OSMT, and, i already made Satore Monsters for OSMT, but now i just need 100GPing100 fix some errors there, like the nali rabbit try to attack you when the titan not lol


          The final version of OSMT has been released

          Old Skool Monsta Toolz v1.53 can be downloaded from ModDB here: LINK

          The top post of this thread has been updated as well, including installation, download link and a full class list.

          Highlights include:
          • Camera shakes from damage and blood splatters from melee damage in OSM Adventure
          • OSM Populate mutator populates any map with creatures, advanced options include settings for which creatures (even characters), and can end the map when creatures are all killed (Not for use with OSM maps; DM maps are great for this though)
          • Warlords can use tactical teleporting for hunting, evading, and even leaving the map altogether if defeated
          • ShieldGun, Translocator and Flashlight pickups
          • Vastly improved creature combat behavior and improved creature team behavior for higher intelligence creatures

          This is the final version. There are a number of additions and fixes to this version, although be aware that some are included as-is, some in a working development state. That means some of the working features may not function under certain conditions, or they may actually be disabled. But, the 'done' and 'testing' items should be fully playable and functional.

          Thank you to all who have supported this project over the years. The hope is that everyone can enjoy mapping, modding and playing UT2004 with puzzles, traps and monsters!

          - SuperApe

          Here are the full list of included additions and fixes with this release:

          ) = working (included in this release, as-is)
          > = testing (included in this release, as-is, should work fine)
          - = done (included and tested)

          ScritpedMonsters added:

          > SmartPoisonFly : a fly that has a poisonous sting.
          > SmartSkeleton : a skeletized ScriptedCharacter monster.

          ScriptedActions added:

          - ACTION_IfHasInventory : a conditional that registers true if a named Pawn has a specific inventory item.
          > ACTION_IfScoreReached : a conditional that registers true if any current player has reached a score value.

          Mutators added:

          > OSM Populate : A gameplay mutator that will populate any gametype map with creatures, including setting monster teams with leaders. Matches will end once all creatures are dead. Full Bot support.
          > MutFlashlight : A map-embeded mutator that manages flashlights in game. Gives flashlights to each player upon spawn if no FlashlightPickup is in the map.

          Pickups added:

          > ShieldGunPickup : A ShieldGun Pickup class. (one time pickup, configurable)
          ) TranslocatorPickup : A Translocator Pickup class. (respawning pickup, configurable)
          > FlashlightPickup : Allows flashlights to be picked up by players and bots.

          Features added:

          > Player Flashlight system available. (toggle with Use key, will not work around other Use triggers, vehicles, hintitems, etc, just add LevelGameRules actor set to OSMT.MutFlashlight and include a DarkVolume in the map. Add specific FlashlightPickups to disable automatic flashlight inventory.)
          - ScriptedMonster gib behavior improved. (lighting, momentum, mass, etc)
          > ScriptedMonsters of mammal intelligence or above will recognize enemy projectiles and face their origin.
          > ScriptedMonsters ReactionTime varies among individual creatures.
          > Following creatures automatically attack the killer of thier Leader.
          ) Simple flocking behavior added for fearful creatures.
          > SmartFly and SmartManta only play full tumbling death anim if airborne, otherwise play just the land portion of death anim.
          > SmartWarlord bTacticalTeleporting includes offensive LOS teleporting as well as defensive random teleporting.
          - ScriptedCharacters handle miniguns better.
          > ScriptedCharacters firing ranged weapons have roughly the same aim error adjustments as bots.
          > HintItem able to trigger Event when inspected.
          ) OSM Adventure Save/Load feature added. (feature disabled in maps with cameraorientation subaction)
          ) OSM Adventure Restart and Random Adventure buttons added to mid-game menu.
          > OSM Adventure can retain achieved objective's additional equipment for duration of the map.
          - OSM Adventure Comrades set with both full ammo and their favorite weapon are now also modified by gameplay mutators as if player.
          ) OSM Adventure Comrades set with both full ammo and their favorite weapon are now also given the ability to pick up inventory (flashlights, etc).
          > OSM Adventure player view can shake by both weapons and damage. Player configurable.
          > OSM Adventure on no gore shows sparkley effects for damage and death.
          > OSM Adventure full gore shows player blood in 1st person.
          > OSM Adventure full gore shows blood splatter on the HUD for headshot and melee attack damage. Player configurable.
          > OSM Adventure Remove Corpses option added (default true). Player configurable.

          What works:

          - Major review of combat behaviors: Charging, MeleeAttack, RangedAttack, Retreating, etc. Combat AI improved.
          > AttitudeToPlayer ATTITUDE_Fear stabilized.
          - Following creatures check potential enemies better. (assess threats to leader more often and can attack those who are targeting the leader)
          > Extra gibs prevented in ScriptedMonsters.
          > Colision cylinder reduced appropriately upon ScriptedMonster death.
          ) BaseEyeHeight set properly for creatures who duck.
          > Creature corpses properly align to floor upon death landing.
          > ScriptedCharacters more likely to properly loose their heads on headshot.
          > Buoyancy properly set for all ScriptedMonster classes.
          - OSM Adventure DeathScenes no longer play if max lives reached or unlimited lives set. (prevents frozen corpse)
          - OSM Adventure EndGame time now 10 seconds.


            Originally posted by SuperApe View Post
            [*]OSM Populate mutator populates any map with creatures, advanced options include settings for which creatures (even characters), and can end the map when creatures are all killed (Not for use with OSM maps; DM maps are great for this though)
            How does this work exactly? Can monsters still teleport around to players? And can custom monsters be added to this?


              Wow, SuperApe, congrats for the new release, after all these years.