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    Glad you liked it, Buffy.

    I think Lord_Simeon has 3 other map ideas working simultaneously. I believe the phrase used to describe mapping for OSM Adventure was, "It's like crack!"


      Just about everyone agrees with that assesment, Circus. Nearly all the maps I know of being developed are indeed ... Cooperative OSM Adventures. But, please be patient, quality maps will take time.

      In other big news ...

      The UnrealPlayground OSM Adventure Mapping Competition has come to a close and the judging panel has completed their work. The results have been posted on UnrealPlayground here.

      Runner UP: OSM-UseOfWeapons, by BigJim.
      Grand Prize Winner: OSM-ResidentUnreal, by Lord_Simeon

      (links to maps available on the results announcement thread)

      The scores from our panel are shown with comments from our judges. To avoid any disagreements or "heated" discussions, the judging panel is presented as a single anonymous entity. Judges are free to elaborate further, publicly or privately, as many of them had a lot to say about these very different OSM Adventures.

      It was a great competition and we hope this just spurs more mappers to get the OSM Adventure mapping bug.


        sweet superape you must be very proud of your baby


          I am, sure. I'll be happier if this work can help land a job in the games industry. Any employers in the L.A. area looking for a "Game Designer / Animator / Programmer"? Look me up on
          [/shameless self promo]

          More soon...


            superape are you ever not shameless?
            i mean your purple
            and make great stuff
            and you kick *****!

            how can there be nothing but shame there?


              Yes and yes. I haven't updated this thread because the maps in development are not released yet. I know of two singleplayer adventures and three coop adventures (including mine) in development. I have heard rumors of about two more coop adventures in the works and a server that's running OSM Adventure (but I'm still not clear what map they're running atm).

              For the past few weeks, I've actually been slammed with RealLife(tm) and playing "Mr. Mom" to our fourth-month old girl. I've only been able to piece together about 10 minutes a day to work. I've been spending it on OSMT itself, cleaning up a few online logs, warnings and a goofy online Pause bug that I let slide in the last version. Most of the improvements are related to online functionality of the ScriptedCharacter class. I'm just testing the working version I have now (OSMT v1.3) and should be able to release it by the end of the week. This will allow the coop maps that are in development to have the most up to date version of the toolset.

              My CoOp adventure will (shamelessly) be influenced by my recent experience with Gears Of War. I really enjoyed a few elements that I will use as well like: a comrade that helps you through the adventure (if less than three players in game), etc. The adventure I'm making will likely be the "OSM-Guide" for CoOp, but if I can put together the time, I'd rather it were the "OSM-Gauntlet" for CoOp.

              Thanks for your continued interest, Circus. Believe me, there is more coming soon.


                Just thought it might be appropriate to chime in to agree here - it takes a *helluva* lot of time to build a decent campaign or even map.

                Much of the techniques that you would use for assault are also used in OSM, as well as entirely new concepts all have to be grasped, and most of us really are just used to building simple multiplayer maps, with none of this complex stuff.

                Many of us are learning the toolset in much the same way as we leaned mapping itself - trial, error, more trial, etc.., it's honestly the most fun mapping I've had since I found the bikini browser button, and I admit the incentives to put your best work into OSM is far greater than those for other types of mapping, but it really does take time to produce.


                  im making like 3 campains, 2 single player 1 co-op
                  to bad im only doing about 2-3 hours of mapping a day


                    i've tested OSM gametype on my gameserver but the proble is that each time someone pressed the Esc or Pause key the game was paused... very annoying.. had to remove this gametype as fast as i had added it...


                      Hi xtremexp,
                      I got your complaint on UP last week and replied to you, asking for your help to test. We've got a new version of OSMT in beta now. It appears to fix that oversight of mine. OSMT v1.3 should be released soon (like in a day or two). I'm just working out one or two other issues related to online play and ScriptedCharacters. So far testing is positive, but I need to pull together some time to complete testing.


                        Do i need to do anything to make a new monster (Ie not one from base UT) work with OSMT


                          Originally posted by deuxhero View Post
                          Do i need to do anything to make a new monster (Ie not one from base UT) work with OSMT
                          Well, yes. If it's a pre-existing monster that you'd like to convert for use with OSMT, it'll need to be re-coded to fit as a subclass of ScriptedMonster. ScriptedMonster and it's Controller class are designed to work with the other AI-related nav point actors like AmbushPoint, PatrolPoint, etc. to implement the complex AI system. (ask the original author for permission before doing so) In this instance, any Controller class you are currently using will either have to be heavily altered and made into a subclass of ScriptedMonsterController or scrapped in favor of the ScriptedMonsterController.

                          If it is a new creature animation set with no code yet, or you are the original author, then I suggest a process of borrowing code from the other ScriptedMonster subclasses to construct your own creature's behavior.

                          For example, if you creature flies, take some of the example used in Manta, Fly and/or Warlord. If your creature fires a projectile, several classes in OSMT do as well and you can borrow those functions and tweak as desired. Etc. While a lot of code can be borrowed and altered to fit your creature's behavior and abilities, this process will most likely involve some original coding on your part as well. But for the most part, "empty shell" creatures (only the animation sets and an idea of projectiles, sounds, etc.) can be "brought to life" with OSMT with minimal effort, by utilitizing the ScriptedMonsterController and just adding a half-dozen or so functions in your creature's ScriptedMonster subclass.

                          If you need help with this, PM me with your situation and I will at least be able to point you in the right direction.


                          That's funny. I seem to have lost the original "Utility" icon for this thread. I must have lost it in my last edit of the top post, but I can't get it back. Only the standard icons show up when I try to edit it. (/emails to admin)


                            How many maps do we need for a map pack?


                              can other objectives like flags,bombs,powernodes,holdpositions,domination points,use objectives be used?

                              just out of interest in, be funny to play a singleplayer map made around a custom ons map


                                I tried hold points, but failed fast. destroyable objectives are fine though. You can add speech/text to bring up objectives.