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    Originally posted by Circus waiting for a coop adventure...
    It looks like Lord_Simeon and I are going to collaborate on the example map for CoOp OSM. It's a map he had already started, and I suggested to help make it CoOp because it really lends itself well to it. It's a good an' quirky theme, what LS is best known for. He's basically done with it, so now I'm just going to CoOp-ify it. It should be ready for beta testing in a week. It'll beta on UnrealPlayground. I'll PM you when it's ready, Circus.


      Originally posted by Circus
      Great because then it might be easier for a mapper to get a coop map string going If we got the stuff in there to see like the endmap trigger or url on to nextmap or however you going to do it.
      UDN has great pages on Level Transitions and Teleporters. Teleporters have a URL property that will allow you to teleport players from map to map. Lord_Simeon uses this in his singleplayer campaign, OSM-Wangara.

      Originally posted by Circus
      Im not sure if you got the playerstarts figured for spawns at progress or not...
      Progressive playerstarts for OSM Adventure maps are pretty simple to implement using TriggeredPlayerStarts and the OSMObjectiveManager. All this is detailed in the documentation I posted on the UnrealWiki page: Old Skool Monsta Toolz


        UnrealPlayground OSM Adventure Mapping Competition

        UnrealPlayground is hosting another mapping competition, this time with the OSM Adventure gametype and Old Skool Monsta Toolz.
        This promises to deliver more creative singleplayer and cooperative maps for the Unreal community to enjoy.

        Read more about it and catch up on news posts here.
        Sign up to map for the competition here.


          OSM-Guide in progress (content requests welcome)

          An OSM Adventure map is being developed soley for the purpose of explaining and demonstrating the various elements of OSM Adventure to Level Designers. Making extensive use of Note actors in Ued, this map shows how to use the tools available in Old Skool Monsta Toolz to make a singleplayer (or cooperative) map with the OSM Adventure gametype. While not particularly pretty, the map is meant to be useful to Level Designers who would like to map for OSM Adventure, especially those mapping for the UnrealPlayground OSM Adventure Mapping Competition (running until Oct 31st).

          Development completed.


            Of course. Sorry, I kinda stopped checking this thread after a while.

            Currently the focus is on the OSM Adventure Mapping Competition on UnrealPlayground. I've just finished a final beta of OSM-Guide, a map to help mappers get going with OSM Adventure SinglePlayer mapping. (links above) It's possible (though not yet announced) that some of the 16 or so mappers may be working on a cooperative adventure. We're at about the halfway point in the competition, so I expect to see beta maps of the entries submitted on UnrealPlayground soon.

            The cooperative adventure Lord_Simeon and I are working on has been passed back and forth. I've had my go at it, getting it technically ready. And now it's back in LS' hands for a final polish. However, he's busy with his own OSM Adventure Mapping Competition entry. And from the looks of it, he's got his hands full with it. (It's one of the more impressive looking maps I've seen from him, just judging from the screenies he's posted.)

            I would keep checking in on UnrealPlayground, the OSM map download pages and the beta map download pages. As soon as I know of a released coop map (or an OSMT map of stock gametype, like DM, ONS, AS, etc.), I'll post a link here for sure.

            Thanks for your interest. I'll check back here more often.


              OSM-Guide released & OSM Adventure Mapping Comp update

              OSM-Guide link.

              Again, it is a map designed for level designers who want to learn how to make their own OSM Adventure. While playable as a singleplayer adventure, it's definately fugly. For a "prettier" map, please see my OSM-Gauntlet instead.

              The OSM Adventure Mapping Competition is chugging right along with about 15 "registered" mappers participating. Some of whom are developing multi-level campaigns. While I believe most of these OSM Adventures are singleplayer, some may be cooperative adventures. We'll just have to wait and see.

              All entries will most likely be put together in a Map Pack, but all will of course be available for single downloads as well.

              Competition ends Oct 31st. Entries must be uploaded to UnrealPlayground by midnight this Halloween. Mappers must also "subscribe" to the competition by posting "I'm in." before then to have their maps judged for the competition. (See the links just a few posts above.)


                OSMT v1.1 released

                This update adds a few new features, including:

                ScriptedActions added:

                - ACTION_SubTitleSwitch : Sets the currently active SceneSubtitles actor to help organize subtitled cutscenes.

                Miscellaneous Actors added:

                - HintItem : An actor that can be Used by players to toggle a Material HUDOverlay, as if they were closely inspecting it. Useful to give clues or hints in story-driven adventures.
                - PlayerUseTrigger : Only allows Player Pawns to Use and activate. Toggled if triggered.

                Features added:

                - ScriptedCharacters now have override properties for Health and ShieldStrength.
                - ScriptedCharacters can use AmmoPickups in their GoodieDrop array as well as WeaponPickups. As usual, the last item in the array is used first, so list ammo after the weapon.
                - OSM Adventure maps may have a custom loading screen by naming an embedded (myLevel) texture "LoadingScreen". The map name and "Loading..." text are omitted when a custom screen is displayed. To keep this texture embedded and saved, assign it as a Skins property on any NavigationPoint or other hidden actor.
                - OSMObjectiveManager includes a per Objective AdditionalEquipment property array to allow players to respawn with additional default equipment after that Objective is reached. This string array is defined the same way the DefaultEquipment property is: <PackageName>.<ItemName> (example, "XWeapons.LinkGun")

                What works:

                - Fixed Ambushing creatures to be associated with AmbushPoints via OrderTag.
                - OSM Adventure default timelimit set to zero. (unlimited)
                - Fixed OSM Adventure DeathScenes so that Broadcast Messages can be displayed afterwards.
                - Mantas flight movement improved. They now climb and dive smoothly with banking turns.
                - ScriptedCharacters prevented from crouching if DrawScale is set to small or too large, preventing reset of default CollisionHeight.
                - ScriptedCharacters forced to stop firing animations when they die.
                - Fixed ACTION_VehicleFireStop to prevent vehicle weapon removal.
                - Fix to stock loading screen code so loading maps may now display the fourth "missing" image (Xan backlit). OSM Adventures only.
                - Minor miscellaneous fixes to scoreboard and menu hints for OSM Adventure.



                  Cool! Will check the new version soon.

                  Thanks SuperApe


                    OSMT v1.2 Released

                    I do hate ticky-tack updates that seem to drag on and on. The problem addressed here was brought to my attention just recently. This update fixes a semi-critical bug having to do with ThingFactory and CreatureFactory when set to bCovert (spawning things or creatures while no player is looking). I have spent time testing this small update to ensure it is robust. I chalk this up to having to do most of my own initial beta testing for this very large add-on mapping toolset.

                    What works:

                    - Fixed ThingFactory and CreatureFactory bCovert property.
                    - Fixed ThingFactory and CreatureFactory to immediately attempt spawn when Touched.
                    - Fixed CreatureFactory bAutoRespawn to begin respawn interval upon creature death, not Pawn removal.

                    Everything is backwards compatible. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


                      And just to give a heads up - the first maps and campaigns are beginning to emerge for this modification. There are three adventures available, and also SuperApe's own example and tutorial map.

                      These really show off what can be done with this unique tool set.

                      The best place to get these at the moment is the OSM section at Unreal Playground. Although, there are also a couple of threads and private links floating around, most notibly BigJims Use Of Weapons, a seven level single player campaign.

                      This modification is particulary designed to be mapper friendly, and no coding knowledge is required. Spawning monsters, objectives, cut scenes are laid out with a logical string of triggers. You can quite literally 'jump in' and, with help from SuperApe's OSM-Guide, begin creating your own UT2004 powered single player and online co-op maps.

                      Give it a try

                      (edit: used a thumbs down icon. must have been getting drunk.)


                        Yes, I didn't forget, I've just been handling "end of competition" stuff.

                        There's some great stuff that came out of this competition, including OSM-ResidentUnreal, by Lord_Simeon and OSM-UseOfWeapons, by BigJim. I can't comment on much, as map judging is on-going, but I should also mention that others (including are well into development of more OSM Adventures, to be released soon.

                        We'll be done with judging these OSM Adventure Mapping Competition entries within a week or two. Until then, follow the links I or outpt has posted above to check them out for yourself.

                        More soon.

                        (Co-op maps are coming, Circus. I'm planning one as we speak.)


                          Originally posted by SuperApe View Post
                          but I should also mention that others (including are well into development of more OSM Adventures, to be released soon.

                          Just kidding, I always get there eventually


                            never eventually enough


                              Judging for the OSM Adventure Mapping Competition on UnrealPlayground will conclude around Nov 11th. At which time these two maps will get awarded either 1st or 2nd place. It may at first seem like slim pickins, only 2 maps. But after taking a look at both these, I have to say, they're both very fun and they offer two very different ways an OSM Adventure can be put together. They really are worth checking out.

                              OSM-ResidentUnreal, by Lord_Simeon
                              OSM-UseOfWeapons, by BigJim (...or see the thread here on Epic forums)

                              In other news, Lord_Simeon was online the other day and happened to see a (beta version of a) CoOp conversion of his OSM-ResidentUnreal. He played online with the map "converter" for a couple hours, playing all the way through to the end. While this map wasn't designed for CoOp (both players have the same character & cutscenes don't run online and so any Trigger Systems that were initiated by the SceneManager in this map obviously didn't work), this does count as the first "official" OSM Adventure CoOp game. No word on if/when that particular CoOp adventure will be completed, but Lord_Simeon definately has "the OSM bug"; he's already working on a CoOp sequel to OSM-ResidentUnreal. I'm also planning a new CoOp Guide map, in the vein of OSM-Guide.

                              More soon.


                                I was just play &quot;OSM-ResidentUnreal&quot; first ..

                                and it was really different & fun ! when read messege note in map feel like playing AVP2 (who play AvP2 then know what I means )