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RaptorINI (monster addon for Inv)

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    RaptorINI (monster addon for Inv)

    Name: RaptorINI
    Author: INIQUITOUS
    FileName: (1.72mb)
    Release Date: 23/06/06
    Credits: ME! and the creator of the Deinonychus model
    Software used: UnrealEd 3, PhotoShop Elements.
    Compatibility: Ut2004

    This mutator/addon adds my version of the Raptor monster to Invasion,
    complete with jurassic park sounds and the gun holster has been removed for a more realistic look!
    It also has configurable health, ground speed and jumpZ.

    Includes texture preload mutator: All the required textures are loaded when the game starts, and not while you're playing. This will help prevent lag during the game caused by loading files when monster first appears.
    This also helps as you will not need to add any serverpackages IF you use the preload mut.

    Required Files:
    You need to have the following installed to play/run this mutator/Addon on your server.

    satoreMonsterpackv120 : (only if you configure your monster waves via satore) *
    Deinonychus model: Get it here or from my site

    *available from my website : MY SITE

    Always read the readme!


    As always iniquitous666 another classy release for Invasion, will add it to my collection :up:



      awsome, can't wait to see it on online play


        now he really looks monster !

        thank you !!! :up:


          Great job

          I love how you can configure the jumping ability.....


            dude... in your credits: you forgot to list xkznanna who originally released the raptor for invasion ! :weird:



              Originally posted by Zyklon
              dude... in your credits: you forgot to list xkznanna who originally released the raptor for invasion ! :weird:


              his raptors have nothing to do with my raptor, he has no credit. Only the maker of the model, and me should have credit.

              on a side note: Cant wait for your finished new versions xkznanna! :heart: and it would be good to make the proj dam configurable.


                These were originally made for the gold version of JB-Skaraphat, and since a lot of hard work went into them he decided to release them for invasion too. :noob: Nice one ini.


                  Yes they were, i actually forgot to mention that, thanks Hazel. :heart: