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    UT2Vote 53

    Name: UT2Vote
    Version: 5.3
    Compatibility: 3369+/-
    Description: A Voting mutator for UT2004
    Comments: Over 50 Games can be configured and over 50 odd Mutators. Clan Match and Warmup options also available with Game Setup options. Extensive Admin options also available to configure each Game seperately.
    Credits: ProAsm & Team - Socke, PoW, Imaginos, frogger, sh0V3l, hmishima, Mephisto, tuco, CvRoy, Nikki, De$tiNy, Assraker, Yakomo
    UT2Vote Website:
    UT2Vote52 Download:
    UT2Vote Team Support Forum:

    Changes and Fixes in UT2Vote53

    Reject Button
    Fixed the problem with the dissapearance of the Reject and Restore buttons.

    Server Admin
    Added further checks for when the Server Admin logs off.

    Added that if the BanMaxLevs default 99 is incremented to 100 it will restart at 0. This is more ideally suited for banning purposes.

    Server Messages
    It is now possible to display any Server Messages (advertising) anywhere on the screen, in several colors and sizes. Messages have a duration time in which they can be displayed, an Interval time between each message plus several other options.

    The interval in seconds between each displayed message.
    The duration in seconds of each message.
    Whether the message should fade out during its Duration time.
    Whether messages should be displayed during a voting session.
    Whether messages should be displayed at Game end.
    The Message setup: (1 line)

    MesgInfo=(Enabled=True,GameName="All",Center=False ,YPos=10,TextSize=3,TextColor="",
    Message="** Powered by UT2Vote **")

    If this is false the message will not be displayed.
    "All" will display this message in all Gametypes, whereas should you wish the message only to be display in a certain came, like CTF, then set this as GameName="Capture the Flag".
    NB... The GameName must be identical to the GameName= in the GameType= string.
    If this is True then the message will be displayed in the screen center.
    This is the vertical position in a percentage from the top to the bottom of the screen to where the message should be displayed. 75 is the default, placing them directly above the chat messages. (a la uadmin)
    This is the size of the text for the message from 1 to 5.
    This is the color of the message text and needs to be the following format: where its in the form of Red.Green.Blue.Brightness

    The actual message to be displayed.
    NB... All messages can be added, removed or edited in the Server Messages Menu. The button for this Menu can be found in the Admin Menu.
    NB.. Maximum message length is 60 characters.


    Message Coloring
    Colors are in the format of R (Red) . G (Green) . B (Blue) . A (Brightness)

    Some examples of color settings are as follows:


    For more colors see:

    NB.. Any errors entered and the Message Color will revert to Silver :

    DefaultSwitch has been moved to the Config section

    bUseRandomMap has been moved to the IniOnly section

    If set to True, then after a time period as set DefaultSwitch= if there is no players on a server it will switch to the DefaultMap.

    This option has been added and if set to True, then after a time period as set DefaultSwitch= if there is no players on a server it will switch to the Random Map as set in the ini file under [UT2Vote53.UT2VoteRandomMaps]
    Up to a maximum of 30 maps per gametype can be set for a Random map pick.
    NB.. for this option to work, the above must be bSwitchDefMap=False as it takes priority. It should also be noted that the random map chosen when a vote fails is also taken from here. Should no Random Maps be set in the ini file, the first 30 maps from the Game MapList will be used.
    The format in the in file is as follows:

    Server Crash/Hang Bug
    The bug when an only player votes for a New Game then leaves the server and returns finding the server has crashed or hung up has now been fixed. This bug sometimes also reared its head when voting for a New game then switch to a Spectator. Thanks to heheman3000 for pointing this one out to us.

    Good stuff.:up: :up:




        Excellent :up:


          best version yet


            A small bug in the Server Messages has been pointed out to us but can be rectified in the UT2Vote.ini file as follows:
            The Messages must never have less than 1 message.
            MesgInfo=(Enabled=False,GameName="None",Center=False,YPos=15,TextSize=2,TextColor="",Message="** This is a fake message and needs to be here **")
            MesgInfo=(Enabled=True,GameName="All",Center=False,YPos=75,TextSize=2,TextColor="",Message="** Powered by UT2Vote **")
            These corrections can be done manually or a fresh download as the ini file has been corrected.


              Thanks for the update!


                thanks 4 a nice update


                  Cool but in the next version if it isnt already possible can you make it so that you can add multiple gametype maps to one game type e.g dm,ctf,ons and br maps all in the invasion gametype.

                  Then i would definately concider putting it on my server again.


                    Originally posted by Super_Sonic
                    Cool but in the next version if it isnt already possible can you make it so that you can add multiple gametype maps to one game type e.g dm,ctf,ons and br maps all in the invasion gametype.

                    Then i would definately consider putting it on my server again.
                    We had a go at doing this for 5.3 but abandoned it as it just got too involved and gobbled the code up.
                    You see the problem is a we are only allowed a maximum of 600k filesize before we loose our Whitelisting status so the code has to be kept below that.
                    With the code currently sitting at 580k its a near impossibility to achieve what you ask as the error checking code alone comes to around 30k before we start.
                    So what we are now looking at to try and accomodate these Admin, is a sharing system where the maximum of 250 custom maps gets shared.
                    For instance lets say besides the 250 DM maps you have for your DeathMatch server, you also want, CTF, BR and ONS maps.
                    These would now be equally shared in the 250 custom maps, ie, 80 CTF, 80 BR and 80 ONS with the remaining 10 being dumped.
                    This also means that even if you only have 2 CTF maps you still use up the 80 slots allocated to CTF.
                    The problem is trying to squeeze this into 20k is gonna be difficult


                      I see. I didnt realise that for a mutator to be whitelisted it has to be under a certain file size.


                        I've noticed GPFs when I use autodemorec. When I've joined a server and the server switches to a new map, I GPF upon joining. When I return, 'I' am still there and the 'new me' is called Player.


                          Please post the last part of your log when you have a GPF, from about 5 lines before it says "Critical" to the end.


                            Auto Switch Game Types

                            I think UT2Vote will allow setting a time to switch game types, but it will only switch if the server is empty. I would love to have the ability to switch game types at a certain time for x hours on x day of the week. And, to be able to do this after a current game has finished.

                            For example, I want to switch to TDM on Wednesdays at 6pm MDT and to have this last 2 hours and then switch back. If the server is being played at 6pm, then after that game ends, the switch would be automatic.

                            I guess this could be too much code to keep you white listed. If so, is there any chance a seperate mutator could be written to handle this?



                              I'll look into that Doc in a seperate Mut, maybe part of UTExtra.
                              Only problem is it will fight with UT2Vote's default game detection but we'll see.