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ONS-SPAMBOX (movie up)

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    ONS-SPAMBOX (movie up)



    The name says it all


    (many thanks Zoro from for hosting this. :heart: )

    One of our inhouse mappers (who wishes to remain anonymous, since it aint exactly portfolio material ) picked up a silly idea on the Titan boards about making an uberspam map and actually went through with it while he was bored. Three hours later under an enormous amount of laughter, ONS-SPAMBOX was born. And to everyone’s surprise, the map worked quite well with large (32) player numbers.

    Key ingredient to SPAMBOX is the use of severely crippled nodes. 0.5 seconds to get one up, half the health (from a normal node) to take it down. To add a bit more spam, each team has one tank and one manta at their disposal with a 70 sec spawn delay for the tank, 50 for the manta.

    Bit much you say? Wont the match be over by then? Nope. As said before, ONS-SPAMBOX actually works quite well with its diamond nodesetup. I've seen rounds last for 10 minutes with both cores drained to the extreme...with 32 players. Ow, and without any system lag! (Opteron 250, 2 gigs ram)




    Mr. Anonymous for his continuous effort giving the Titan community new toys to play with. Eventhough you are not proud of this map, we love it. :up:

    Download: (thnx Kiddailey) (thnx Zoro)

    absolutly genious..and works quite good too.


      one thing.... LOL NICE.


        Mr. Anonymous sure is uber1337, I wonder who the hell he could be???//

        Anyway, someone had to make this map eventually. I am glad that it turned out working as well as it does - it is the perfect thing to vote on after an 80 minute slugfest match. Balance out those long, nervewracking overtime games with a quick blast of spam.


          Whoa, innovation! :up:

          Shouldn't the tanks spawn perpendicular to their current orientation? I bet that's the first thing anybody does: turn the thing clockwise to strafe.


            Reminds me of vctf-tankspam....


              haha that video is great.

              look at how much spam folks!! it definitely lives up to its name.


                Awesome vid! Nice King-of-the-Hill style.

                I wonder how a Paladin and Raptor would fit in there. A paladin down the center ramp and a Raptor off to the side for capturing the primary nodes, for example.

                UT2007 should include a map like this. For variety. Just like CTF-Joust2 and DM-Morpheus4.


                  Shhh! Maybe if you don't mention those, Epic will forget to add them.


                    \o/ It's final!! Great fun this map is yay

                    Video's fun too :up:


                      :bulb: wtf?

                      Originally posted by spambox.txt
                      no copyright, this map is too sucky. do wahtever you want with it!


                        Originally posted by -]Fusi√łN[-
                        (If anyone knows/has a place where is can be hosted without worrying about the bandwidth in case its downloaded a lot, please tell me)
                        Fusion, you do have an account on you know... And Mapraider gives you three free, non-reg mirrors, two of which are direct download and one of which is high-speed.

                        I went ahead and added this map to the site for you:



                          he meant the movie.



                            Originally posted by A_Spec
                            he meant the movie.

                            Ah... I wondered about that after I posted. In those cases, you can always send me an e-mail and I will gladly get it mirrored on Filefront and our Gnutella and Bittorrent P2P servers as well.

                            The Google video is a good solution too though.


                              Oh hmm hi, new here.

                              The bandwidth should be ok (I got 300 gigs). I was not sure what kind of hits it would recieve which is why I showed caution to Fusion originally (and not being a member I couldn't check).

                              Actually it's quite funny, When I was setting up the FTP access for Fusion to upload, I ended up accidentally getting my self banned by the servers firewall. It's taken me over 2 days to get back in!

                              Back on topic. It's a good map to play in between heavy onslaught games to greak up the flow a bit, but I could never play it 24/7!