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    Originally posted by hunterwiebush
    Hey, I thought I spotted something familiar...that's my ocean from ONS-Tropic! :bulb: out:

    I've given permission out to use it before to Owoc for ONS-Darama, but not for this map. You have it, I suppose, but remember - using other mapper's content without their permission first is a big no-no.

    Anywho, there is some good meshwork out and about. Nice pair of ******* out in "The Base" it's already been mentioned, but you have not used a fogring in your skybox. Please do so and decrease the fog distance to lower polys, then this map will be much more playable. :up:
    Sorry man, i didnt aks for the ocean
    You coded it by yourself? I thought it was taken from some other maps and didnt knew of that permission.
    I'm really shamed and want to ask you if i can official use that nice stuff.
    Im a big fan of your maps. 'Hunter Wiebush' is a well known name to me.
    The atmosphere at tropicnightfall is amazing and the sky-water combination at tropic rocks!
    As i saw your map tropic, i decided to start my own one.
    I put the woman in and take a shot...
    I bet you feel familiar with that pictures environment.
    ...that was one year ago now.
    But i took a part of your map without asking. Im sorry.
    That fogring thingy.
    First i got one but that fog culls all the skybox texture and everythink looks like a big potage.
    But if there is an impact in performance? Hm...have to check it out.


      Originally posted by Killer909
      Its never too late to make changes to your map! Just because you posted it in the final releases forum doesnt mean that you are forbidden to edit your own maps ONS-WarLords-2! :up:
      WarLords-2 ?
      First i want to wait for some comments. I want to learn and on this forum i have a lot of possibilities about that.
      There are so much known mappers and meshers here and until now i learned a lot.
      You showed me that skytexture-link!
      For the moment i dont know, if there is a really need for a new release.
      Maybe, someday, there will be a light edition of that map.
      Some objects have a high amount of polygons and in that case i can tweak a little for better performance.
      Also there is the nonexistent fogring, above mentioned, that could be a little performance brake.


        Hey, a fan :heart:

        Originally posted by Cosmix
        Sorry man, i didnt aks for the ocean
        You coded it by yourself? I thought it was taken from some other maps and didnt knew of that permission.
        It's no problem.

        Anything from any level released with the game, or the ECE bonus pak is fair game to lift from in order to build your own level. Most people's custom maps use lots of textures, static meshes, etc. from the levels released by Epic.

        So here's how to check if something is custom: check if its from the myLevel package; IE, right click the FluidSurfaceOscillator in ONS-Tropic, extend +Display, and its Skin should be set to 'myLevel.oceanliquidfinal'. That means that oceanliquidfinal is a texture embedded (and thus unique) to the map its in.

        If you want to use, say, the sandstone columns out of ONS-Tropic, right-click it and extend +Display. You'll see that the StaticMesh field shows the static mesh is 'NaThAncientPack.Pillars.EgyptPillar_01b'. NaThAncientPack is a file included with UT2004, so that is fair game to use in your level.

        Note that this doesn't always work - sometimes Epic maps have been built using the myLevel package themselves. This is where it gets a bit tricky; copying, say, the trees from CTF-GrassyKnoll will fool people, because they are embedded in that map. They are fair game to copy, since they are made by Epic, but when copied they will move themselves to the myLevel package of the custom map, and embed themselves there. They will appear in the myLevel package of whatever custom map you are looking at, even though they weren't made custom by the author.

        Unless you know for sure that it's used in an Epic map, just assume that the author of the map created it. If you really want to use it, just drop them an email; many authors, including myself do not mind if people use a bit from our maps here and there, and just require credit in the .txt file you include with your map.

        Anyway, fog rings - here is a good tutorial on how to make one. when you place it in your skybox, alter its position veritcally (ctrl+left click+right click) until it is as low as you can have it without objects popping up in the distance.


          Originally posted by Killer909
          I cant find any that are better colored than that and still have oceans.
          that doesn't matter at all - the fog ring will cover everything below the horizon of the skybox anyway.


            Wow! Thx a lot hunterwiebush A lot of stuff.
            In the past i used a command like that, if i want a mesh from a specific package:
            obj load file=construction_m.usx package=myLevel
            Now everythink from the package construction_m.usx shifts to myLevel, also the references if im right.
            Now, if i place meshes from this package into my map, rebuild and save the map, there will be only the meshes i placed before shown in the static-mesh browser if i reload the map. Others, i loaded in from these package, will be gone now.
            The command also works for textures.

            The fogring tutorial is very informative. :up:


              The star field inside the temple really kills FPS. It looks cool, but is also isn't very realistic. I would have prefered basic rock walls and some nice lighting.

              Will post more as I notice more. Lay out looks cool and I like the temple idea.


                Hm...starfield-mesh has 960 triangles (still high, i know) and the texture is a 512x512 DXT1 compressed.
                I was inspired by a planetarium as i worked on the tower.
                But you are right, there are some framekillers i didnt noticed at release.
                There are 2 easterisle statues, placed at each base with a -i dont want to tell you- number of triangles...
                On my next work i will be much more carefull on things like that.
                thx for comment!


                  Great map!! Definitely one of my favorite Onslaught maps to play. Keep up the good work, Cosmix!