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Heaven of Relics 1.2 FINAL

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    ho thk Xaklse , server updated !


      Thanks for all your feedback and "Have-fun"!


        Hmm, I ran into a few difficulties. First, some of the relics appear to be the old style, while some appear to be the 'new' style, as in some have that transparent colored model, while others have a white icon enclosed in a metal ring. I don't get how to make them all the same, or to turn off the new style. Also, I noticed I could pick up a Relic of Ammo and a Relic of Vampirism or such, but couldn't drop both, or drop most of them even if I have only one, for that matter. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

        Edit: Oops! I had conflicting files. But there's still the question, how do I get the old look of the relics back? :/


          I see, you probably had more relics mutators activated.

          I tested most of the existing relics mutators for UT2004 and I know there is one of them which had the old look of the relics.
          My mutator doesn't have the old models but features the way the classic relics worked in UT99.

          I'll include the classic models for UT2007