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    Hedge, about custom relic profiles, which options do you want for them? And which combinations do you want for default relic profiles?

    I have implemented a big part of the new code.
    Fixed some incompatibilities with other mutators and new config options.


      Oh, man. Sweet. Let me work this up a bit, and I'll get right back...


        Okay, how does this sound:

        Relic Profile Options
        Relic profiles have two control options and a "pool" of relics. The control options are "Spawn Slots" and "Spawn Control". The Relic pool details the number and type of relics available in the profile. Each relic profile is saved under a different name.

        Spawn slots: This is the number of relics from the pool that are spawned onto the map or held by players at any given time. This dropdown has five options: "Value", "Rare", "Equal","Double", and Triple". "Value" enables a type-in box, allowing the player to specify the exact number of relics in play at any one time (so using Value, and setting the number to 3 would give you three relics in play at any time, regardless of how many players were playing). "Equal" will set the number of relics in play equal to however many players are playing a given match. "Rare" sets the number of relics in play to one for every two players, while "double" and "triple" set the number to twice or three times the number of players in a given game.

        Spawn Control: This dropdown will control how the mutator chooses relics from the pool. This makes a large difference if there are 20 available relics in the pool, but only six active "slots" for relics in play. If "Random", it chooses relics at random from the pool when spawning a relic, but can pick the same relic over and over until the maximum number of relics of that type (as dictated by the Pool, below) occupy spawn slots. If "Shuffle", the mutator will pick a relic at random, chosing a given relic up to its amount in the pool before repeating (for example, if there are 3 strength relics, and 1 healing relic, and only one slot, the strength relic would show up three times before teh healing relic spawned again). If "In Order", it will choose the next relic on the list, up to the maximum number of relics of that type.

        The Relic Pool: The pool of relics from which new relics are chosen to be spawned can contain many more relics than might appear in the game at any time. Because of this, certain relics may be more common than others without having to set up exact numbers for each. Each Relic within the pool have the following options:

        Amount: This dropdown has two options: Value, and Match Player Count. Value enables a type-in box, allowing the player to specify the number of that relic in the pool. Match Player Count will set the number of relics in the pool equal to however many players are playing a given match.

        Droppable: This boolean controls how relics are returned to the pool. If true, the relic is dropped when the holder is killed, and will return to the relic pool after its respawn time is up. If false, the relic returns to the pool as soon as the holder is killed.

        Unique Respawn Time: This is the number of seconds a given relic will stay in one place before returning to the relic pool. If left at zero, the relic follows the normal respawn setting. This allows players to make certain relics more difficult to reach, and influencing their availability in a different way. Currently, only the mutant relic has a unique time.

        Sample Relic Profiles
        Super Bombing Run:
        Spawn Slots: Equal
        Spawn Control: Shuffle
        Relic Pool: Agility: Equal, Mutant: 2 (all droppable)

        Mutant Hunter:
        Spawn Slots: 1
        Spawn Control: Random
        Relic Pool: Mutant: 1 (not droppable)

        Super CTF:
        Spawn Slots: Rare
        Spawn Control: Random
        Relic Pool: Healing 3, defense 1, strength 1, ammo 1, guns 1 (All droppable)

        Blink CTF:
        Spawn Slots: Double
        Spawn Control: Random
        Relic Pool: translocation: Equal, Agility: Equal, invisibility: Equal (not droppable)

        Super Domination:
        Spawn Slots: Double
        Spawn Control: Shuffle
        Relic Pool: translocation: 1, healing: equal, ammo: equal, mutant: 1 (All droppable except for Mutant, which is not droppable)


          Wow, amazing. I'll read that post more quietly and see what I can do :up:


            Request, that I REALLY hope can be added soon.

            Please allow an option to be able to pick up more than one different relic at a time. ProjectUT relics did it and yeah it was overpowering if you used the option, but it was fun.

            I'd love to be able to grab 10 of these babies and go to town.

            I'll beg if I have to!



              I copy files to system folder on server, and used XRelics.XRelics mutator, but did't found HeavenOfRelics.ini on the server's system folder. What made i wrong? Can U help mee?
              I have dedicated ut2004 server, and i can use FTP only for settings.


                Check to make sure you've got xrelics.est, .int. .ucl. and .u in your system folder. There are other file types as well, which don't go into your System folder, so be sure you didn't put them all there (such as utx, usx, and so on).

                Good luck!


                  Originally posted by Hedge_o_Matic
                  Check to make sure you've got xrelics.est, .int. .ucl. and .u in your system folder.
                  All files are in system folder. I made a HeavenOfRelics.ini in home computer with using a mutator, and copied to my rented dedicated server. I think this ini file you can put in the mod zip file with default options, and everybody can configure a mutator before use it.
                  Other think is, for use the relics mutator i read many home pages. Will be fine if an installation and configuration issues everybody can read in file: Help\Heaven of Relics Readme.txt. Missing things in this file: server mutator configuration: Mutator=XRelics.XRelics; console commands for menu (if relics have), maybe admin settings in game.
                  I only start using this mutator today, and wery good job, and perhaps this things allready down, but i did'n found it.

                  When can we intall extra relics and grait configuration options for this mutator?


                    You know, it would be really easy to add multi-relic functionality. Just make the relic icons higher up on the right hand side of the screen, and as you get more they appear below the rest. I'll badly photoshop a picture up later.


                      Yeah, I have to write more things on the readme file for the next release, so your questions are useful.
                      For configuring the mutator, hit "Configure Mutators" button on the mutators section in the starting match screen. If you do this action and save your configs, the HeavenOfRelics.ini will be created into the system folder with those configs. OK, I'll include the file in the next release.
                      I don't have a server, so I don't know what instructions everybody need exactly. Thanks for the suggestions :up:. Oh, and extra relics won't be allowed.

                      No, an option to be able to pick up more than one different relic at a time will not be included, because all code is based on having one relic. I tested that option on an alpha release and was very funny but too buggy and complex.

                      I don't see the point of including Spawn Control, it should always be "Shuffle". And Unique Respawn Time for each relic... too many work.
                      Spawn slots is a great idea :heart: and the Droppable option is available now.
                      Expect a special credit for you


                        ProjectUT relics managed multiple relics just fine.... I have no idea why it would be difficult, but then again I'm no coder.


                          Originally posted by Nemephosis
                          ProjectUT relics managed multiple relics just fine.... I have no idea why it would be difficult, but then again I'm no coder.
                          These relics are a bit more varied, though. I can think of far too many combinations of even two relics which would be unkillable. Health and mutant. Health and armor. Guns and Ammo. Invisibility and Agility. Power and Guns. Adrenaline and Health. Invisibility and translocation. Mutant and Health...

                          And that's just the pairs of relics!


                            Oh I know they'd be overly powerful, that's what I was looking for. (I'm an offline player anyway.) But he's saying he can't do it (as in unable), when it's in fact been done before and I see no reason he wouldn't be able to. That's where I'm confused.


                              I know how to implement carring multiple relics.
                              Think all the code as a finished book, then I would need to rewrite all pages of the book...


                                Could you explain to a non-coder why you'd need to rewrite anything instead of just disabling the check to see if you're carrying a relic already when you walk over one? I really do not know why it's that hard, as I said I don't/can't code.