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    Finally finished Cicatrice. It's an old warehouse-type thing (like most maps) that's green. Yes.

    Plays 6-12 pretty smoothly. A lot of small corridors, some more opens areas too. Has most weapons, excluding snipers (and ons weapons, of course). Get's pretty decent FPS (I get an average of 30 with med-high settings with a Radeon9600XT). There might be some issues with the fog... For the best results, set "Fog Distance" in your options to the farthest away (It won't affect much).

    I want to thank evil, Okiensu, ck and everyone else that tried it out and gave feedback. And Epic, and Hourences for a texture or two.

    Well, have fun.

    And the download... (I'll add some more mirrors later, or you can if you wish ) [2.32mb] Mapraider... two additional downloads on there. another download.

    Looks cool.



      yay final version is out !

      thank you :heart: :up:


        Wow, that looks awesome! Great UT99 atmosphere.

        Is that lamp an Epic staticmesh? The light cone is way too narrow...


          Nice feel, it felt so old I expected to fall through the boards into the water as I ran over them. Just enough of everything, spread out nice and cut up in a way that someone may be lurking around the next corner. I thing I found was a red glow on the ground next to a hole in the wall and could not see where it was comming from seemed out of place, didn't look like blood more like a smudge. A good map and nice download.


            Final, wooho!

            Here's a Mirror:


              Awesome! I'll be checking this one out for sure!


                This one looks wonderful.^^ I love this style. and it's much easier than expected. You're a genius.^^

                Edit after playing the map:
                gameplay is ok... but could be better with more levels. The performance is very well, too. ^-^
                But there are still some things, i would improve...

                Add a watervolume here.

                Those gearwheels are not really logical, are they?^^" But I love thos details in the walls of your map. *-* ^-^

                Uhm... you should move the blocking volume over the pillars, so that the player is not disturbed by them.


                  Very interesting Wood-Styling Map:up: I´m downloading


                    cyclonefox: You should play this map! It didn't have many beta testers...


                      Oh... I must have overlooked this one.^-^;; But as you see, there were still some mistakes in it.
                      But I like it. It's really funny to play on it.^^


                        Thanks guys and girls... the comments are very much appreciated

                        I think I'll fix those two problems and then upload the new map onto mapraider etc.

                        Can't do much about the gears though... oh well.


                          I thought it was a very clean looking level. Very good detail to create an atmosphere that is believable. Overall a nice fresh look and creative design.

                          Some thoughts-
                          -I was dissapointed there wasn't more z-axis play. There was one area where you could dodge jump from one area to another over another walkway that I liked a great deal. I wish there was more look-down-from-above-fragging.

                          -There were several areas that could have used blocking volumes and other places where I would get stuck for no reason. One of the latter here was getting stuck on a "mini-waterfall-drip" coming from a roof. The collision was still on. If memeory serves me correct it was outside near the flak.

                          -I'm not the best player so the roof area may be accessible w/ the right move, but there is an area w/ a pile of junk that rises above the ground level at a left-hand turn towards the flak (I think you can even see it in your first screenshot above). I thought "cool, a way to the roof for some z-axis fraggin", but I wasn't able to get up there. I was disappointed.

                          -The curved out wood meshes on the walls (very cool btw) had a stretched texture on the small sides of them which didn't look good. Great mesh work to unfortunately have a small detail overlooked. (you can also see an example of this on the first pic in your first post as well.)

                          BUT- again- a real nice- FRESH - atmosphere and aside from the small blocking volume/mesh texture problems is a good level. The gameplay could be greatly enhanced to achieve some nice z-axis fighting which would make this good level a great one.



                            Really very nice, good to see some well thought out largish DM maps, big thumbs up from me! keep up the good work


                              Again, thanks for the comments.

                              As for the z-axis fighting... it would make any map better, but I don't think it would improve this. One reason you can't access the roofs is that the map is zoned, and I would have to change a lot for it to look normal when you're on a roof (because it looks pretty wacky when you're up there now). A second thought is that since there are so many roofs, players would just jump from roof to roof and it would give the lower players a disadvantage until they found a route to the top. If the gaps between the roofs were larger, then it might work... but I don't think it would improve the current state of the map.

                              I am not very good with UV mapping either... I'll have to improve that

                              Two more downloads...