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BotEviction Mutator - evict bots from vehicles

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    My nephew and I play LAN games at my house. We play on the same team + some bots vs. some more bots. We finally got fed up with watching bots act stupid with really cool vehicles that we had never even driven, and went looking for a mutator that would allow us to punt bots out. As far as I know, none exists, so I wrote one, and that's BotEviction.

    Moments of frustration that particularly inspired this mutator's creation: In AS-Convoy, bots hogging the machine gun turret for the defending side. In AS-BP2-Outback, bots hogging the Leviathan--which we had never seen before--but doing nothing with it except rocking back and forth inanely. In AS-Junkyard, a bot takes over driving the HellBender and leaves us in the dust (uh, who paid for this game and is actually conscious anyway--the bots or us?), then somewhere down the line drives it into a cranny and can't get it out, leaving the entire level stalled with no way to keep going.

    How the UT2004 world survived without BotEviction before, I don't know.


      amen brother, amen.

      (oh and ive ben looking for something like this, good job)


        heres a mirror on my site