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    Originally posted by UTddrmaster117
    Mmm... Skyboxes without lighting faults and oversized textures... Hipshot, excellent sky. As for the map- ****. This is something I'd expect to see in Red Orchestra (That's a good thing...)... Downloading now!

    Edit: Holy s***, 22mb zipped... That's always a good thing...
    Expect to see even better with my new maps such as SandStone and PineLake -- much more detail, more beta-testing. That linked page to SandStone currently has early beta screenshots, expect new screenshots and the map in a few weeks.

    The large file size is due to the large high-detail terrain.

    Originally posted by n3x15
    One problem.

    I personally feel as though the flight ceiling is way too high. (Get the carlauncher in there, spawn a Raptor, and increase altitude to see what I mean.) I am able to see the edges of the map from that altitude. Bring down the flight ceiling a bit and/or make the fog thicker.

    Otherwise, awesome map.
    Thanks for catching that. I don't know how that made it through beta-testing. I'll have to punish my testers.
    The issue is Skybox and Fog Color related.
    I'll fix it up and release another minor version (to prevent server name problems).


      I know I am late but thanks to a suggestion from Buffy I finally played this map (the newest version) and it is really a great map. With everything cranked up to max and using 8xAA and 16xAF I have to say I have never seen more realistic terrain/grass in any game I have played ... even FarCry ... really amazing work ... And I just played a game with 31 bots on Godlike and it was really fun and challenging ... the opposing team always seemed to be somewhere around. Also my FPS was great ... not one slowdown no matter how much mayhem was on the screen ... great job on the optimization. Definitely a must have ONS level ... and yes as Buffy also said it is really perfect for HaloUT vehicles. 9.5/10 (for the 32p version).