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    Small hectic DM (supposed to be 1on1) map. The first one of mine. :-)

    When rogue scientific group started to develop TOD (Tank Of Doom) vehicle to satisfy some weaponry corporation they did it with pure intentions - to help human forces in war against Skaarj on ground. Their bad luck that they discovered much more than ion cannon for their tank and goverment get involved. Swift assault on this facility broke down whole secret organization, TOD plans were taken by goverment - but who knows how many other secret projects was doomed that time.

    Green Tank with flak with entrances from Doom Hallway, vent leading to Gray Hall and door into Bio Lab.

    Gray Hall with a100, shock, link, rocket

    Doom Hallway with minigun, flak (in Green Tank) and a50.

    Big Tube with amp and LG on the other side.


    Shock Rifle for technical help with unexpected unlit surface and for some layout suggestions
    Spoondog for some Hydro64 meshes/textures
    Hourences for some technical help with brushes and for some Rankin meshes
    Hazel. H for technical help and tip on brush sinking
    Fan klan 47 and other players from Slovak community that play this map with me and with each other ;-)))
    Any other author of any retail material



      Oh - my first boxy work on a precious site. :-) Thanks.

      I promis the next map will deserve it more than this. ;-)


        lmao np at all
        I've been afk for a week or so so i'm trying to catch up on my mirroring duties


          cool! i liked the screenshots(gonna download it when i get home)
          but if i was you i would keep working on it to make it look better :up:


            It could make it look better, but it has a principle problem with scale on some places. As on my first map I did not have a good sense for this things. It is too spamy and some frags are more of luck than of skill. And it's hard to make changes now (e.g. if I make one tube wider, it will show in the room thru which it goes and it may not be good, etc etc). There is too little space between rooms for wider versions of problematic (read: narrow/cramped) junctions.

            So I moved on and now I'm working on more gameplay map based on Rankin theme ("just another Rankin" ;-)) - expecting alfa on forum til Sunday. But I plan to return to DoomRecall and make it better for UT2007. :-)))