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Ultimate Collection Complete (Final)

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    Ultimate Collection Complete (Final)

    Name: Ultimate Collection Complete
    Version: 1 Final
    Compatibility: UT2004 retail+
    Description: 48 characters for UT2004 with 4 team support.
    Comments: My final characters for UT. Uninstall Part 1 (where applicable) before installing this as all of part 1 has been redone too.

    Screenshots by Buffy:


    Credits: Klasnic


    FileFront RAR 31MB
    FileFront ZIP 57MB
    SkinCity @ BeyondUnreal ZIP 57MB RAR 31MB
    UT200XHQ RAR 31MB
    Unreal Tournament 2004 Files RAR 31MB WOOT! ZIP 57MB
    Unreal Tournament Forever ZIP 57MB
    GameSpot ZIP 57MB
    FileFront Public ZIP 57MB

    Review: Here

    Thanks one and all for the mirrors, I can hardly keep up

    so this one has all of the skins from part 1 & 2 cool!




        Thank god you're still alive! I'll get this very soon, i promise




            Klasnic can you allow me to pm you just once, its important, really important.


              Wow klasnic you rock man!



                I have been waiting for this!

                Downloading this bad boy for sure!

                Where is the metal guard? :cry:


                  Originally posted by AI137
                  Klasnic can you allow me to pm you just once, its important, really important.
                  Why don't you just.... do it?! :heart:


                    Wow the real Klasnic......ever hear of that Klasnic_e guy going around ruining your good name dude????

                    Long story short:

                    This dude joins a mod IM workin on, I think its the skinner known from this type of work we see here.

                    HEs a toatl dooche,and everyone kicks him,realizing he's not this guy here.

                    So then he preoceeeds to try to steal and release our beta content over the web, fortunalty he didnt get anything really, and we put a stop to it fast.

                    Anyway, Klasnic........Good to see your out there still around bro....Good work...


                      Wow that's a lot of replies :haha:

                      @ ulgyPants it sure does and everything ended up smaller than all of part 1. I never reached the 150MB I'd planned but it's nearly that uncompressed alright.

                      @ AL777 lol thanks

                      @ eviL thanks to you too - I hope you like them. They've kept me very busy the last few months so I hope it was worth it.

                      @ AI137 thanks first of all and I turned the pms on. I'm not here very regularly these days so I just turned them off for a while. Just plz don't ask me to do another skin as I've retired now. I made more than anyone else over the last two years and I just got bored with it. These days I'm getting in some mapping (and other things) practice before the next UT so I'm moving onto other things

                      Kinetik I missed FragBU for two weeks or so for various reasons but managed to get there on Saturday. I was surprised not to see you - especially since I had your babies See you there soon and thanks again.

                      Majik I finally got the pack done although the last two weeks making it saw me having to format my PC twice because of a silly mistake. A lot that I'd been working on/done didn't make it into the final pack as I just wanted it finished. I still have him here (half done) so if I'm bored some day I might just release an add-on for it.

                      Others that didn't make it in for whatever reason were Cicero (GMK), Darth Maul (Hellion), Victorious (MetalGuard), Ego (Xan), Falcon (update), Yelena (update) and a few others I can't remember. Put it down to it being so late in the day and me thinking if I didn't release this it wouldn't have been worth my while making it. PM me about it though or email me and I'll see what I can do.

                      ShredPrince I know all about _E. A shame I missed the thread here on Atari. It was closed and he'd been banned when I saw it. A public forum isn't really the place for me to comment but he's no relation. I originally just took him as a fan but really I don't want fans like that. PM me though. Thanks and thanks again for the feedback one and all :up:


                        wow really smaller than part 1!

                        Nice job K, their awesome!


                          Great news! Downloading now.


                            Thanks uglyPants I'm glad you like them. Man they took forever to get done. Pity so many went to waste too

                            hal, I'm honoured you'd take the time to check them out Thanks and let's hope it deters you from fragging me constantly hehe :haha:

                            [EDIT] I forgot to mention this pack has also now been reviewed @


                              Does the pack contain the Maul skin?