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    Name: DM-SevereTorture (Severe Torture Facility)

    Version: Full Version 1.0

    Compatibility: Newest ut2k4?

    Description: A old factory in wich "smart" human skin was developed. But 50 years later only the by skin overgrown facility stands.

    Comments: I've worked on this map longer than I can remember and this map has been my baby for very long.
    I like it enough now to show it to you guys and girls.

    The map is quite large and kinda hitscan dominated....and kinda made to suit my style of play.

    Boiler Room: The biggest room in the map and supports the most action.

    Double Damage Room: Holds the DD pickup and is a interesting chokepoint.

    Minigun Room: This room makes it easy for attackers from the high ground to rain death with the Mini upon unfortunate warriors below.

    Rocket Launcher Room: This open room gives pepole with hitscan weapons an edge against those with the Rocket Launcher.

    Shock Corridors: Holds the Sniper Rifle and some health vials. This is most often the most inactive place in the map, perfect for some health recovery.

    Super Shield Room: Warriors who come from the Rocket Launcher Room are fortunate to find the Super Shield pickup here and start the rampage into Minigun Hall

    -Added blocking volumes to the upper section of the boiler room
    -Added blocking volumes to the staticmeshes in the minigun room, the DD room and the rocketlauncher room (this created the problem of staticmeshes that have blockingvolumes on them appearing as black (appear as unlighted)
    -Fixed holes in the "living skin" terrain
    -Removed the terrain in the oilpit so players can't stand on that
    -Filled the holes on the doorframes of the oilpit
    -Removed the collision on the cieling lights of the shock corridors
    -Removed the walk through pipe in the supershield room
    -Added a very crappy preview, I'll make a better one before this map goes final (have some problems with it...some pics appear as black and white pics wile others are normal colours. My editor is totally ****ed up)
    -and then some more stuff I forgot

    -Added some emitters to make stuff pretty.
    -removed the blocking volumes on some static meshes (the human holding tanks and the machines in the rocket room)to light them up again.
    -Added some pipes to the minigun hall.
    -Added a heathpack in the airduct under the shieldpack in the minigun room.

    beta 10.2
    -Added some BSP to the main room so keep players away from camping on some os the meshes.
    -Added some BSP to the top of the oilpit...just because it looks nice.
    -Added a ****load of blocking volumes to exploit points on the map.
    -Removed a flickering texture.
    -Removed collision of some of the lights and wires.
    -Fixed some other stuff I can't remember now.

    -Made a rebuild of Rocket Launcher Room, Now has more space to dodge in and fit's more with the general theme.
    -Made a complete rebuild of the Double Damage Room, The dd is on a choke point.
    -Replaced the assault rifle in the DD room with a biorifle + ammo
    -Added blocking volumes on/near several meshes.
    -Made the hallway going to the DD room wider.
    -Added 5 heath vials to the RL room.
    -Fixed bots getting under the elevator of the Minigun room going to the DD room
    -Replaced the bright purple lights of the DD room with more softer brown lights.
    -Changed the shape of the hallway going from the RL room to the DD room
    -And some other stuff.

    beta 10.4
    -replaced Linkammo with RL ammo (linkgun was there in a older beta...but I took it out cause the bots spammed everyone and everything with that gun)
    -Fixed some texture misalignments
    -Made the Oil in the Oilpit splashable
    -Fixed a flickering texture thingy on a connection between 2 static meshes
    -Placed some pipes on a spot where 2 textures where not connecting
    -and some other stuff

    beta 10.5
    -Placed some blocking volumes...(real ones this time)
    -Replaced blocking brushes with blocking volumes
    -Turned some solid brushes into semi solid brushes
    -placed some lights in a clouple of halls
    -Placed some more pathways and changed the walkway to the supershield a bit
    -Deleted sunlight actors
    -some other stuff
    -and some more stuff I can't really remember

    beta 10.6
    -Changed the lights to a more complex setting (done by Gefrierbrand)
    -Added some spotlights (some done by me and some by Gefrierbrand)
    -Placed some fences in the shock corridors and placed some strong lights got get shadows)
    -In DD room I lowered the lights and made some weak lights in front of them to compensate for the darker look
    -The RL room is darker and added some lights with corrona's
    -Also in the RL room changed some brushes to semisolid and changed some back again to solid (cause of big *** holes that appeared)
    -Removed some fences in front of pipes in the RL room and the Minigun room
    -On the shocks walkway coming from the lightning gun placement I changed the lights there to spotlights to make shadows
    -Changed some blocking volumes to simpeler shapes
    -Added some blocking volumes to meshes
    -and some other stuff I can't remember

    beta 10.7 (inside beta)
    -Changed the duct from the main room to the minigun room, added piped and smoke and stuff.
    -Added more blockingvolumes.
    -Changed the doorstyles for the RL room and some other rooms.
    -Major overhaul of the lights in the lightinggun hallway also added blocking volumes.

    Credits: (almost forgot about them)
    Zoeff - A member of the UE and helped me find a lot of exploits in the map
    utw-Mephisto - for letting me spam his forums
    eviL<3 - Also a UE member and bughunter who always uploaded my map.
    Fox Hound - Bughunting and stuff. Thanks man
    Darkus - UE member, helped me with getting the graphical side of the map bug free.
    Gefrierbrand - UE member, got rid of some major exploits with blocking volumes wich wer'nt really blocking volumes and showing me how to make blocking volumes and helping with ALOT with the lights in the map. mega thanks man
    toniglandyl - Not a UE member but still in the credits
    Slainchild - For inspiration and....stuff
    Sir Nevets - Cause it's me.
    And probably a lot more pepole

    Creators Note:
    I know some parts of the map look a bit cleaner than other parts but before you'll start *****ing about that I'll just say this.
    In a factory not every place is as dirty as a fricking slimepit...believe I know...I work at a factory


    A link from yahoo DL

    Gotta respect putting that much time and effort into a map! Downloading....


      It's a fantastic map, and was great fun to bughunt.


        Well I can certainly say that all the time you have put into this map shows a great deal. From a gameplay point of view I can definetly see a lot of good games coming out of this map, it seems to have all the right ingredients. From a visuals perspective the map looks really polished and is very atmospheric. I particularly like the lighting and your use of coronas, and the extra emmitters on pickups is a nice touch.

        Great map! :up: :up:

        P.S. Awesome track too is that original?


          Very nice m8, now running on our TAM server, will post more back when the guys have had a chance to play. :up:


            Very nice job man. I can clearly see a lot of effort was put into it.



              yeah it took a very long time before it was public-use worthy, but I always enjoyed playing this map...even in the early stages it was fun offline


                Well I played the map for a little while. It was fun. I see you used the Architectonic tutorials as a base. I was trying it myself, but when it came time to fill in that 2nd larger room, I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Btw, how long exactly have you been working on it. Have you done other maps before?

                Edit: I just noticed that you need to fix these 2 textures They look thinner and taller than the textures in the other rooms.


                  Nice map Sir Nevets :up: i'll give it a run


                    Originally posted by o_0
                    Well I played the map for a little while. It was fun. I see you used the Architectonic tutorials as a base. I was trying it myself, but when it came time to fill in that 2nd larger room, I couldn't figure out what to do with it. Btw, how long exactly have you been working on it. Have you done other maps before?

                    Edit: I just noticed that you need to fix these 2 textures They look thinner and taller than the textures in the other rooms.

                    Well those are still textures from the pre pre pre alpha version of the map.
                    I liked those cause they where the first textures that seemed to fit the room perfectly...I was still a real newb with textures and everything so I didn't know how to align them propperly.
                    But after a wile I tried diffrent textures for that part of the room but those textures still looked best in that way

                    This is my first map and also the map wich was and still is a training ground for me.
                    I've started work on this map around the start of 2005 I think and been busy with it ever since


                      Didnt know you had mapping skills .....better get to work on that mod.....:up:


                        If you give me a direct link to this file i'll mirror it on


                          direct link? how do you mean?

                          srry but I'm a complete newb to uploading stuff



                            I want a LINK!

                            EDIT: found one



                              it says it's from

                     a working link on ut2007world...lemme copy the link from there to here

                              uploadtemple seems to be down...gotta find me a new place to load this one up...replaced the link with the yahoo one for now