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    Cool mod from what I see, it was a little late for the Halloween stuff so we're starting the Santa hats early. Now that I see you have a ROOtator maybe one for Thanksgiving like a TURtator lol, Turkey or pilgrim for Thanksgiving.

    Now what I'd find funny would be a bunny or the cadbury lion with sounds for Easter 8)!!! That cadbury lion cracks me up when he goes to roar and you get the chicken sound lol. Maybe cupid ones for Valentines day.

    If you are into coding for the regulars on a server I think it would be really cool to have a mod so that when a regular is on the server or as part of the login/player agreement (another mod) you have to put in your birthday and then when it gets close to someones birthday say ten days out you have the player skin set to the b-day baby with a count down to the persons b-day!

    Keep up the good work!