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    Name: BONES
    Version: 1
    Compatibility: UT2004


    Displays players and bots as skeletons. Robot skeletons can be enabled.
    A bright skin option makes skeletons white, or red and blue, if a team game.


    Please note, I am aware that Angel_Mapper's Halloween Mask Mutator already has a version of the Skeletonizer within it and most people have already downloaded it. (I suggested she combine them for a UP Halloween Map Pack) This update to my original Bones mutator includes new skins and more options. Because the Masks and Skeletonizer are mutually exclusive options within AM's mutator anyway, it seems that these two mutators might have been better kept separate. Unfortunately, they are still mutually exclusive mutators and cannot be used simultaneously. While there are differences to these Skeletonizers (both visible and behind the scenes), I do think AM's mask mutator is perfect for Halloween.


    Credits: Me
    Homepage: There's no homepage for this little mut. Here's mine though.

    (around 600k)

    (A "bare bones" version without the extra skins.
    Skeletons look like the third pic. Around 5k)

    (A version that supports four team colors for CTF4. Just under 1MB)


    Can you implement Gold and Green skins so you can use this in CTF4?


      Originally posted by Da Spadger
      Can you implement Gold and Green skins so you can use this in CTF4?
      I'm sure I could. The cost is a doubling of the download file size. (So, about 1.2MB)
      I can make a separate "Bones_CTF4" version and post it here, if you like.
      I don't have CTF4, so I'd be coding it blind. Would you mind testing it for me? (PM me)


        Woot! Great job SuperApe! I think putting team skins would be great, the version in my mutator lacks that.


          I have a CTF4 version that supports four team skins (red, blue, green & gold).
          I'm asking members to try it out and make sure it works. Post back here with the results. If someone points out a problem, I'll fix it, but it should be good. If the results come back good, well, then download it:

          EDIT: File link removed.


            It doesn't work for CTF4...


              Any further elaboration on that? I can't seem to code, "Fix the broken thing". I can look at the code again, but unless you can tell me specifically what's happening (either posted pics or PM), I'm not going to be able to go ahead with this request by Da Spadger. My first guess is CTF4 does not use xPawn.TeamSkin, so none of the teams would have color skins when you configured the "Brighten skins" option, but that's just a guess and if that's the case, I wouldn't be able to fix this without the CTF4 code.

              You did download the Bones_CTFour file in the post above and enable the "Brighten skins" option, right?



                It doesn't have any colours at all


                  What do the "gibs" do? is there a custom animation for that?

                  I always thought Bones from Q3A was silly because when you fragged him blood still gushed everywhere and the same "gib" animation played for all player models.

                  It'd be cool if it were bones flying instead of blood and non existent guts. (I'm talking when full gore is on of course)


                    Thanks for testing the CTF4 version out, eviL<3. I appreciate it.

                    I'm sorry, Da Spadger, but without the CTF4 code, I won't be able to make a version of this mod for that. There's just too many different ways CTF4 can handle team color. I'd just be guessing at this point.

                    cUnNiNg : There's no gibbing with the skeletons. Unfortunately, that means there aren't boney parts flying either. But, the ragdoll skeletons are pretty neat.

                    Happy Halloween!


                      Originally posted by SuperApe
                      Happy Halloween!


                        I may have fixed the problem with the CTF4 version of this mutator, supporting four team colors. But I'd need someone to test it for confirmation. I simply used a more reliable method of checking a player's team. (thanks, Wormbo) This method should work with any gametype, including CTF4.



                          Nice to see it works!


                            Very nice indeed, downloading. :up:

                            (Note that your download doesn't stay at uploadtemple forever, so i hope you are finding another host soon.)


                              Thanks for the pics, eviL<3 and thanks for being my tester!

                              Glad it works, glad the colors are close to the team colors, happy you like it.

                              I will upload it to filefront and update the links and top post on this thread when it's available.

                              Links for Bones_CTFour updated to FileFront.