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AS-SGC_(v2) [Stargate SGC Version 2][DL/Pics]

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    AS-SGC_(v2) [Stargate SGC Version 2][DL/Pics]

    Stargate SGC

    Public Release Version 2
    Local Version 1048

    Built and tested with UT2k4 (v3355).

    This is a concept I have been wanting to do for a long time. The concept is the SGC (Stargate Command Facility) inspired by the TV show Stargate SG1 (based on the movie, Stargate). This version is AS, in the interest of showing the entire map. Included is Cheyenne Mountain, The SGC, and Abydos in a single map [file]. It IS possible to walk from Cheyenne Mountain (Colorado, USA), down the length of NORAD tunnel, down 2 elevators to the SGC and through the gate to Abydos. This map will be most fun for anyone familiar with the SG universe.

    This map was Beta Tested. I started this map December 2004 and expected to be done by February. It's now April 2007 and I have continued to improve things and the attention to detail shows. The 2nd version improves on many aspects of Version 1, adds new features, and fixes every bug reported. Post screenshots, leave comments, post any mirrors. Have fun!

    * 4-10 Players (But large enough to allow any number).
    * 10+ Minutes (Map takes about 8 minutes with no bots).
    * Turn up settings for full effect (emitters, projectors, etc).
    * Explore. There are even more extras and subtleties.


    Left to Right: Corridor B-19, Gate Corridor, Corridor A-19.

    Left to Right: The Gate With Iris, The Control Room As Seen From Ramp.

    (More screenshots below.)

    Note that this map was not made by MGM or JoWooD. This map is NOT intended for any type of profit. This map will at no time be sold. This map was built by a fan of the series as a labor of love and is not meant to encroach on profits of the possible Stargate game or series. All textures, materials, and design are of original design ONLY inspired by the series. No material was taken from the JoWooD game.

    MGM for inspiration
    Krogen for help with some awesome static meshes
    Cursed_Soul for help with static meshes on short notice (your a lifesaver!)
    Angel_Mapper for all of her help and tutorials for help with concept design and graphics
    Frenchie for help with textures
    *BlakeFabian (n00b mapper, 1337 tester)
    *buffytheslayer (you rock!)
    *cvroy (tell me which hall! lol)
    *DGUnreal ("Alpha" Dog)
    *DMDL (thanks man.)
    *ellsal (thank you so much!)
    *eviL<3 (You are a Pro)
    *Juggalo_Kyle (np)
    *Krogen (Nice Mesh Designs)
    *MisterTrioxin (you should be listed twice!)
    *OvermindDL (Unfinished Replicator Design)
    *psychopath666 (Thank you so much)
    *Thor110 (Hes good!)
    *vehicle lover1 ( )
    *WoW Punisher

    (* = Beta Tester)

    Alpha Stage
    Beta Test

    Please post mirror urls.

    Zipped, 17.7 MB
    username: guest
    password: guest
    MasterEvil's Mirror

    Previous Mirrors to Version 1
    Mirror (mapexploiters by Darkus)
    MirrorS (mapraider by kiddailey)
    Mirror ( by zoro)
    Mirror (JP-Studios by Jade-Phoenix)

    *.UT2 file goes in /Maps/ folder


    Left to right: Cheyenne Mountain, NORAD tunnel, NORAD Level 11.

    Left to right: Rolling Dunes of Abydos, Abydos Temple, Abydos DHD and Gate, Abydos Dunes As Seen From Inside Temple.


      Downloading now. Might stick it up on my server when ive got it

      EDIT: Uploaded to my Space. Enjoy. I dident like the way you archived it though. I tried changing the structure but 7zip constantly gave me 99mb file...

      Why can't I compress like everyone else :haha:

      EDIT2: This map doesent show up in the Map list! What gives?


        Usually if a map doesn't appear in your maplist, it means your missing textures. Just double click on the map in the UT2004>Maps folder and see if it works, if it doesn't then you will get an error and then ur answer is infront of u


          Final is out ! thank you !!

          ps : I was just play and fund things ..
          is no vehicles in map ? it didnt spawn for me
          alos enemy bot still stuck in room sometime ..


            Additional Mirrors...

            Two additional, no-reg mirrors are now available on Mapraider:



              I hate to be the bearer (sp?) of bad news, but I found a bug in this new version that wasn't in the beta. If you finish all of the objectives on the surface and die, you respawn inside the base. It is then impossible to complete the first objective which is to activate the elevator.


                [EDIT] Ugh, never mind. Wackyass(tm) path structure in zip.



                  Mirror added on - best of luck with this map, I actually started one of these myself but gave up


                    I've got the same problem as Adamrb, I played with bots and once they passed the first objective, once they died they spawned deep in the base. I wondered where they went so I ghosted to the basement where I found them all standing around. When I tried attacking, the same thing happened. I got the first objective and died and respawned inside the SGC and couldn't do anything else.

                    But the map is awsome otherwise. Looks straight out of the show. Now if I could just successfully play through it...


                      I've rearchived the original file so that it'd actually match the UT2004 directory structure - it's available at the same link on!


                        Still needs some work.

                        The metal covering the Iris doesnt open up. It just spins and disappears. Keep that in mind will ya? And how the blazes do I take out the sentinals in the aircraft?!


                          some action shot #1


                            some action shot #2



                              Nice screenshots.