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UTModsParty, a mod launcher !

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    UTModsParty, a mod launcher !

    Name: UTModsParty
    Version: 0.9b
    Compatibility: Windows

    Description: This Soft will help you to launch any mod installed into your UT2004's Folder. You will be able to create automatically desktop shortcut of your mods after selecting the mod.

    Comments:If you find any bug or have any suggestion concerning this software, just feel free to email me at and tell me what doesn't work or what is missing.

    Next major version will be done in C++ or Java and will be multiplatform(Windows, Mac, Linux)
    Next major version will include search links sending users to a mod database.
    Next major version will be done when it will be done


    Credits: To Nullsoft for their great installation software
    To all the modders and the devteams who work hard to develop great projects !
    To my "Beta testers" :
    All the Pmods staff
    Wraxe for being there to test and critic the soft
    Mr.Kadish and PigBear for having tested it
    And Finally, to you who have read this readme and who are probably using this software !

    Download: here (filefront) or Here (on

    Just feel free to mirror it and to speak of it !

    very nice, really useful. time/pc memory saver for sure


      yeah thats the right tool for me


        I'm happy to see my soft just satisfy some UT2004's gamers.

        I've already draw a list of bugs and i'll fix them in the next small release. I'll insist on interactivity on the interface and add some options.

        What do you think of the Launch Options ?
        Do you think it would be useful to be able to choose some refresh frequences to launch UT and mods with ?

        By the way, when you Launch UT2004 throw this menu it had the arguments you've selected. Concerning the UnrealEd launcher button, it launches UnrealEd with the -nogamma argument which seems to be really useful for mappers.

        Don't hesitate to write what you think about it !


          I have a problem when I run this the screen for the mod is messed up a large part of it is in a pinkish color. Ill post a pic when I get a chance.


            Never seen this bug during my test ...
            What is your OS ?
            Have you a VB6FR.DLL in your system32 folder ?
            Had you any error during the installation ?


              using windows xp pro and yeah I have VB6FR.DLL in the sys folder


                Have you got a Win XP SP1 or 2 ?


                  Mac support? Thank you:up: