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YELENA / ZINAIDA [Hellions Female] [Updated with Ophelia Enhanced version too]

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    Re: Cool

    Originally posted by Klasnic
    @ Richyb thanks again buddy. I was always meaning to tell you too that I'm a big fan of your DM-1on1-Slippy map. This is as good a place as any to mention it
    Thanks so much for letting me now Klasnic it means so much to me. I have reason to edit even harder now thanks to you.:heart:

    Edit: It just got reviewed here


      Alright guys stop advertising me, since this is Klas' thread.
      I appreciate it though, and it would be cool as hell to have K skin some of my models.

      *back on topic*

      This skin is really good, especially the pants.
      Must have been a pain though to skin her face, as this Epic model has the worst UVs of them all.
      Your on a roll man, keep up the great work!


        @ -]Fusi√łN[- let's hope she doesn't fly away eh :haha:

        @ buffy & uglyPants thanks and nice pics as per usual, buffy. If I do decide to do more of EE's models after his Ophelia, I'll have to get permission first but anything's possible. The only reason I say that is I was planning on winding down not giving myself more to do... Still, watch this space and I'll take a proper look at all of them before making a decision.

        I can tell you now that Aida - I love her from U2 and Liandri Angel is another favourite. Moloch is pretty 'Evil' (pun intended) and that'd certainly interest me (already got an idea). Exo is a skin and the model's for 2k3 (haven't tested it in 2k4 mind). Finally SweetTooth is too fugly for my skinning style :haha:

        Still, we shall see

        @ Richyb I noticed it earlier on Insite alright and will drop in to give my two cents first chance I get too

        @ EE thanks bud and the pants is my fav part too. Hot chicks in leather now who can resist? I know someone will jump in and say I should have made them shorts but that's for another day

        I did find the face was pretty awful to do alright and definitely the hardest I've come across. Another part was the abdominal area which was a nightmare - those polys were unnecessary and could have been smoothed out. At least now, having done her I know what I'll be in for next time :up:

        [UPDATE] I've changed her a little to fit EE's Ophelia Enhanced model too. At the mo I haven't time to get her mirrored but she's here (click me) for anyone who wants her now.




            Holy Smoke, looks sexy and very matrixy.:heart: