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YELENA / ZINAIDA [Hellions Female] [Updated with Ophelia Enhanced version too]

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    YELENA / ZINAIDA [Hellions Female] [Updated with Ophelia Enhanced version too]

    Name: YELENA / ZINAIDA [Hellions Female]
    Version: 1
    Compatibility: UT2004 v3355
    Description: Two versions of a Hellions female character. One is unmasked and wearing leather, the second masked and wearing latex. Both have full CTF4/TDM4 support.
    Comments: From the ReadMe;

    I used the name Yelena as a tribute to Yelena Isinbayeva for her many great achievements this year and for being such an inspiration. It's people like her who strive to excel that drive me to do the best I can in whatever I do. The Yelena character is not meant to look like her The second version, Zinaida (pronounced zeenahEEdah) was made as an alternative to the first rather than making a single player duplicate. The tattoo on her arm is the Chinese symbol for danger (FYI). I'll go back to the previous formula for making single player duplicates with the next as I want to make more use of the Green/Yellow skins for anyone that doesn't play 4 team gametypes (including myself) and doesn't want a lot of versions of the same character. Thanks to everyone for the comments, feedback and many emails - Too many names to list here. Thanks also to Virax @ Planet Unreal ( for putting info re. Vrykolakas2k5 and Nikita on the news and to hal @ BeyondUnreal ( for the kind comments in the news too. Finally a shout out to the guys and gals on BuF and FragBU



    Credits: Klasnic

    Homepage: Here


    SkinCity @ BeyondUnreal 6.27MB

    I wish some people would make skins for my boobie enhanced Ophelia. Come on guys, she wont bite....


      hey Klasnic, I like this! Like the mask.

      heh Evil Engine, you made a "boobie enhanced Ophelia" heh you didn't? Crazy. Although... well not something I would be playing for obvious reasons, but I have to check it out just to see.


        Awesome skins, and I'd like a link to the enhanced boobies.


          Thanks all for the nice comments.

          @ EE I never even thought of your version when I was making her *slaps himself on wrist*. If you've got the sdk/wireframes I'll surely give her a pop 'cause I was debating doing an alternate version in the not too distant future. Assuming people like these of course and there's demand for more :up: Thanks.

          @ Sinnthetika thanks too. Dunno' if I prefer it with/without but it gives her a Catwoman kinda' look so I'm happy alright. Purrrr

          @ XopePoquar thanks too bud and the link for EE's great boob enhanced model (v1.5 I think is the latest) is here


            Looks great Klasnic this will add to the quality of your work in general.:up:


              Klasnic when I get a chance (ftp works for me) can I mirror this for you at my signature?

              The mask sort of was gothic like (in a mild way) to me but still interesting. I just like the skin. I like it all.



                @ Richyb thanks again buddy. I was always meaning to tell you too that I'm a big fan of your DM-1on1-Slippy map. This is as good a place as any to mention it

                @ Sinnthetika sure by all means do. As soon as you have a link for it, please post it here and I'll add it to the mirrors on my site

                Oh, the mask was supposed to look kinda carnivale but not too over the top :haha:

                Thanks :up:


                  The Ophelia I "enhanced" has the same UVs as the original model , except I made more room on the head map for the hair since it was so low res.
                  But if you need the uvs you can get them here:


                    I thought of that afterwards EE: that this skin might have actually fit it as is... What I'll do is make one for your booby model with a different look from this one and try upping the quality of the face on it which I didn't change too much with Yelena.

                    Thanks bud and I'll let you know how I get on. BTW you might wanna' post the model on SkinCity as I don't think it's there at the mo (or I'll ask SaD to if you want)

                    Thanks again. Have the UVs here now :up:


                      Thanks for another great skin, klasnic! Downloading!


                        Thanks to you, eviL hope you like her too


                          Sweet! My bird got a new wardrobe. Thanks! :up:


                            only me really can read she's Tattoo

                            Danger !!!!!!!! :up:

                            also Klasnic can you make lot of skin of EvilEngine's model too ?
                            I want you to make skin of
                            & SweetTooth
                            female model
                            Liandri Angel


                              Yah skins Evil's stuff!

                              I don't like the second of the two skins, probably the mask!! But hey they are still very good skins!