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    Originally posted by ChookWoods
    ok well i played it, if you call it playing anyway. even with the use of rmode 6 to remove the darkness, godmode, and fly it was extremely annoying. it seems to be testing more your ability to know where inconveniently placed invisible walls are, than your ability to complete the course.
    i think visible walls, and also an indication that stepping into certain areas hurts you, i found many spots where i just suddenly starts dying (thanks godmode)

    yes desp's idea of water and able to swim back and try again is good, or even better just large radius teleporter that puts you back to start of that section so you dont have to keep running along them thin walkways with no lighting over and over again.

    i only got to the 3rd room before i gave up, and thats with using the cheats to skip sections.
    ghost is your friend, chook. :up: