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Hosting for your Maps/Models/Mods/Mutators

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    Hosting for your Maps/Models/Mods/Mutators

    Hey guys!

    If you need a place to host your Maps, Models, Mods, Mutators, or anything else UT2K3 modding-related, I've got the place for you!

    I am the webmaster of Statik Vision, a new site covering UT2K3 (and several other games).

    We've got a growing fan-base and offer hosting for your modding-related stuff.

    All you have to do is compress anything you want to send into a .zip file along with a readme and some screenshots and then upload it (details on site) and you're good to go!

    Once it's uploaded, one of our staff members reviews the submission to see if it's quality work.

    So don't sit there, go visit Statik Vision and upload your files now!

    Please, fix the JavaScript on your site - got about 10 different errors - I have the reporting on as I host a site myself. So should you.


      It says that an error is on line 205 character 39, yet all that's on line 205 is five characters of I honestly have no clue what's wrong with it.


        Lemme help.

        For me it is telling something about a non-terminated string - so I quess it is a truncated file or something.

        Are you sure there is no blanks in the tail of that line ?


          I think it's a problem with the news; my actual index file that I uploaded is composed of about 5 PHP includes, 5 lines; no more really.

          But if you go view source line 205 is in part of the news, and there is nothing after it....


            Ok, here's Your problem:
            <td class="contentBG" onmouseover=" = '#555555;" onmouseout=" = '#555555;">
            You have been happily mixing quotes (") and ('). Also, using the single quote as part of text should be replaced by .... don't just now remember what was ... something like & quot;


              Now it's a syntax error on line 200 character 1



                The IE and other browsers are particularly picky about the quotes.

                onmouseover=" = '#555555';" <-- correct
                onmouseover=" = '#555555;" <-- wrong


                  It's a problem with the news script, but I Don't know where it is....I'm using Fusion PHP



                    Problems fixed