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    Originally posted by 7eVeN=SwE=
    Talking bout racing mod, Since ut2003 has been released i had the idea to create the ultimate Carmageddon 2003 version ! Cars, Karma, Gore, what more needed?

    Im just a simple gamer, Its maybe a cool idea, but i dont think anyone is gonna try it , altough its a nice idea
    Lemme see, according to you, cool idea = nobody will try it. Yeah that makes perfect sense.

    Plenty of people will try it.


      One of the gametypes we may be implementing will be a Carmageddon type game. We haven't finalised all our gametypes so it could be in the mod. You'll have to wait.



        Couldn't this idea be also made into a Grand Theft Auto type game?

        Has any one made a map with Karma vehicles that works online?

        I've seen one but it was very buggy. ie.-after I exited the Bulldog the camera stayed put but I could run off into the distance.

        Frankly I think UT2k3 is a drag. UT rocked but 2k3 is a dumbed down ver. with better graphics. A GTA-style MOD would kickass! all the fun and mayhem of GTA with the online play of UT.

        my .02$

        Matt- having multi-Kama objects, isn't that a big performance hit?


          wha tare you on
          you cant say the engines worse because its buggy

          the orignal is **** cimpared to ut2k3

          i hope you know the bulldog wasnt even finished
          its jus t there to show moddersv the fcapabilety of the new engine

          do you even know what an engine is

          try runngin the graphics of ut2k3 on ut engine is and see how good the engine is then