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    forgot about this one actually...played it...and to be honest it was very needs more stuff to it...there's very little reason to move once you get the lighting gun or shock can basically see the entire level and anyone who's decent with the lighting gun will dominate from that end by the lighting're also very close to the armor pickup as well along with some health on the side...if people get close too you can just jump down and teleport up to the flak and get some more health or lightning gun ammo...I would try to add pillars...expand the level more...with more rooms but take the scale down a notch...if you scale it smaller the lighting gun will dominate a lot less...and expand the idea of refraction more...I like the texture set but I hate that shader effect...if I can think of anything more then I'll edit this post...good luck though


      thanks pointless.

      i never considered how easy it was to camp the armor if you were hanging around the sniper rifle spawn. more pillars + obstructions are on their way, as well as a reworked armor location, but the main concept behind this level was oversized + one large area.

      keep the feedback coming, folks!