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    Well, I just took this map for a spin!

    The two jump pad on the upper most ring pictured below,

    Click here.

    I noticed that I can simply bounce back and forth between the two pads with no user input. Thankfully I haven't seen a bot fall into that trap.

    I don't understand the placement of the deemer? Bots can't get to it and it is extremely high. I like the super weapons to be hidden or hard to get to, but that is a little over board in my view. That could just be me however.

    The center jump pad on the middle platform, is it supposed to throw you into the random powerup that is suspended in the middle? I am only asking cause to a first time user, you expect the jump pad to throw into that powerup and it doesn't.

    I think the use of the jump pads are a little excessive. I can use the translocator to get from platform to platform. When I play against the bots, I find that I usually avoid the jump pads.

    The only jump pads that I use on a regular basis is the ones that bounce you from the lower platform to the middle platform close to the flags. The one that shoots you through the floor in front of the flag monitors.

    There are no defensive AI scripts for the bots to use.

    There is no assault pathing for the bots.

    I think the start locations on the middle, lower platform should be moved the platform behind each flag. The middle is the main combat area and it is a real pain to spawn in the middle of a war. Again that is my opinion.

    I love the map! The overall layout and theme are awsome! Excellent work here! :up:


      at first sight it looks like u got inspired by the spacenoxx map
      (that's a good thing )
      i'll download it immediatly!


        Yes, I liked the ring on top of the Spacenoxx map [But no one uses it on that map...]. Speaking of which, I remade Spacenoxx into an airrox training map [no low grav, no center hole, and a bunch of whimsical jumppads.] I named it "Spaceroxx", but im not going to give it to anyone or that doesn't matter.

        Anyway, I had thought about doing more advanced bot pathing, but had no real intention for the map to be played with bots. The center DD/100 powerup is not meant to be in the path of the center jumppad. The reason being is that if your not trying for it, you dont deserve it. Though, you can easily grab it with any of the three center jumppads [just use your air control], especially when your running the flag. [Im not good at transing to it, so i always use the jumppads].

        As for the deemer, I put it there to severly handicap it use. First off, its not too noticable, but it will be in your line of sight from most of the map. There is also low gravity up there, so when someone grabs it, they will be sailing [slow] back down to the arena, giving you plenty of time to snipe them [shock or lg] with them being relatively defenseless.

        To grab the deemer [Its very easy if you do the following]: While your near the keg, throw your trans disk as high and towards the deemer as you can, once if feel it is high enough [I normally launch it, take a few lg/shock shots, then do the following], drop yourself down onto the jumppad. [Either of the two jumppads which lead you to the keg] Once you hit these, you will gain a good amount of upward momentum. Translocate during the fastest part of the jumppad's boost [as soon as you can after you get launched]. If you do it all correctly, you will translocate at the highest point of your trans disks arc, and since your momentum is transfered, you will be still moving from the jumppad upwards. This is the way I do it, and sometimes I even go higher than the deemer, but just glide back down to it. [Which is also why i combined the DD and 100 also, so people couldn't get all 3 powerups in one fall, then land on the jumppad for no health loss, which has been done before] If you weren't high enough after the "super trans jump (c)", you should only have to do another short trans to grab the deemer. Hope that makes it a little easier to do. Perhaps I will make a small avi showing how to do it, but I have no means of hosting it.

        Sorry for rambling


          1. i think you should not put that many weapons/ammo. When the new weapon appears in you hand you are already at a next one
          2. i agree with MajikMyst that you spawn really close to center
          3. the deemer's position is really nice for online play but with bots it's pretty dom because they'll never get that high
          4. 2x +100 health is to much, 1should do
          5. If you fall of there's no time to take your tele and port back up, you die immediatly. You might consider lowering the desusperize line so you have a chance to get back up.
          6. I do like the double ring (you might know from previous post I love spacenoxx)
          7. I think it's spitefull that bots never went on the outer ring unless i took flag and only a few discovered the lower store (might be pushed in there)

          I think you should be carefull placing the weapons, jumppads, health or make the map bigger (i'm not a mapper but i believe that's doing it all over, but it will be really cool).

          I must say you made a beautifull map with some good ideas
          (I won't ever be able to make someting like that)
          and what made it more spectaculair is that it's only your fourth map!
          Hope to see some more of your work someday



            Please download CTF-Celestria-Beta3d and resume the suggestions/comments.

            Most important changes: Improved bot pathing [These bots will be curing cancer while capping flags, thats how **** smart they are!] and a few minor tweaks.

            I have included most of the suggestions so far, so please give me more feedback!

            The beta3c version had a small problem with the central jumppad on the map. Upon putting the map on a dedicated server, the server was flooded with that error. I am hoping the problem is solved, but my friend DaNIGHT will not be available to test the map on his server [to tell me if it has been solved] for several days. My suggestion would be: Do not put it on any dedicated server thinking it will work flawlessly. If you do though, please post back here, I am very curious to see if this problem has been fixed [and if there are any other server flooding errors that need to be taken care of]. Please report back with any suggestions and comments you can, especially on bot pathing. [This is the first time I have used assault paths or ai scripts. Or jumpspots for that matter] Remember, this is still a Beta map, so any suggestions you can give will help me be that much closer to completing it. I also took several anti-pirating precautions, so hopefully I did those correctly as well.


              Once this goes Final, i'll download.



                Please download CTF-Celestria-Beta3e and resume the suggestions/comments.


                Antiportals work again [Better FPS from Beta3d]
                Bots will now effortlessly grab the 50 shield, along with all powerups on the map [Besides the Redeemer].
                AI scripts now have different priorities to the bots.
                More pickups on the outer walkways [Will inspire bots and players alike to use them a little more]
                Some other small tweaks
                The map itself is under 6 MB uncompressed

                Hope you like it, give me as much feedback as you can!

                Once this goes Final, i'll download.
                Awwwwww, please!!!!


                  Originally posted by kevinroe327
                  Awwwwww, please!!!!
                  But i'm too lazy to download multiple times.





                      Originally posted by kevinroe327

                      And here's more!



                        OK, I've put in probably 2 hours playing b3 today. It's fast and fun, I'm really digging it and yes, your bot support is amazing. :up:

                        There's one thing I've found that might cause some trouble, but it's hard to say vs bots. Dunno if it's been mentioned as I haven't read the whole thread. Anyway, here goes:

                        The jumpads create a route for FCs that may be too easy. It goes like this:
                        • Take flag, dodge- jump to rearmost jumppad
                        • While in flight, keep pressing forward. This will land you on the support- pillar jumppad just forward of the LG. Without much practice, you can hit that pad without taking any damage.
                        • Pillar jumppad lands you on the upper ring, right next to keg (if available)
                        • Traverse upper ring for a few steps, then dodge- jump to lower ring
                        • Dodge- jump down to main floor. One more dodge- jump and you're behind your team's support pillar, and safely in the arms of your defense. Total time (just a guess) ca. 6-8 seconds.

                        This run lets you rack up points on the bots like nobody's business (I run Masterful bots for CTF). Like I said, I dunno how that'll play out vs human opponents, but my initial guess is that the defenders will have to watch that rear jumppad like hawks -- and that can get dull. Live playtesting is probably the only way to find out.

                        If it does turn out to be problematic, here are my suggestions:
                        • Move that rear jumppad back a bit, at least out of dodge- jump reach from the flag area.

                          AND/ OR
                        • Shorten the range of the rear jumppad so it lands you on that little wall forward of the flagbase rather than on the second jumppad.

                        Either way, IMO you ought to have to work a little harder to use that route.

                        Anyhoo, nice work and I'm looking forward to the finished product.


                          Well, this map was made for high number players [Higher than 16], so those problems are mostly with low number of bots. This was the main tossup I wanted with the map, Speed vs Safety. Sure, there are very fast flagrunning methods [Flag --> RL jumppad --> Pillar jumppad --> Around the top ring [Hit the whimsical jumppads to confuse the defense a little, and get farthest from them] dodge jump off to land on the jumppad on the outer lower platform --> outer lower platform jumppad w/ air control --> land in front of your flag.

                          Sure this is a fast method, but with proper defense, its pretty hard to pull off. First, you have to hit the RL jumppad, and since most of the defense spawns there, not taking any damage from that is a feat in itself. Second, you'll be flying then land on another jumppad [which took a while to get the perfect tragectory, i had to use a jumppad way up in the air ], which will keep you in the air even longer. The defense will most likely spawn at the RL [spawn there WAAAY too much...I need to do something about that], so they can hit the same jumppad, land and grab the lightning gun, then can surely stop you. The above flagrun was normally hard to pull off because of the bots' skill and aim [I normally play with 19 Godlike bots]. The best plan for me normally is to grab the flag, dodge jump onto the rear platform [and grab the 50 if there at the same time], run towards the side platform jumppads, dodge jump under the level and land on the platform that has the jumppad which takes you to the lightning gun, then i can run the flag a little ways under the level before the bots start swarming down the holes after me...then i run up to the link gun, hit the jumppad and go as far towards my base as i can, then i dodge jump to the lower side platform jumppad, use air control, and stear towards my flag room [and hope my flag is still there]. Or something like that...

                          Also, it is very funny to see the bots snipe from the walls around the flag...Im soo happy they do that now, since It is just plain awesome.

                          I have thought of making the rear jumppad land you on the small wall, but it wouldn't seem worth it as much...should I? If that was the case, you wouldn't lose any health when you stear away from the pillar jumppad [pending you didn't use the trans or shield]. So the bots may use it...Should I try to get the bots to walk on the cable above the flag??? It shouldn't be that hard, though i doubt they would use it very much...Or perhaps I should put a sniping point on the other cables? Or anything you guys think I should do.

                          I got the map on a server for testing last night, but the server currently does not have UTComp, map voting, and a few other things, and once he gets full use over the server, we can start to pull people in to play. [I got a good 60 ping and performance too, which is good]

                          Its now up on a server, with UTComp1.6, 2 bots, and a slow redirect:


                          Thanks goes out to GhettoBP for making it possible!

                          [I get about 60 ping, and great performance, so I'm happy.]


                            I downloaded the new one and i must say the bots have become a lot smarter, there was no +100 or shield left for me

                            keep up the good work!


                              Originally posted by Da Spadger
                              And here's more!

                              Srry M8! I stole your worms thingy. But I Like em so much! :up: