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    Name: CTF-Celestria-Beta3
    I added a walkway around the entire map [between the normal and lower levels]. And all of the previous walkways were replaced.
    I added 6 more jumppads
    I moved the lightning gun down to the new walkway under it.
    I added a link gun.
    I dimmed the lights in some areas.
    The bots will now use the wires over the base, and will use the new teleporters.
    The health vials on the lower level will hopefully stay half the normal height
    Im sure there are more things, but its hopefully an improvement.
    Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!


    Credits: Kevin Roe
    Download: CTF-Celestria-Beta3

    That is what I am talking about ... taking your time and properly addressing issues and releasing another beta ... it is looking really nice ... wait until evil<3 sees this baby. You know we are gonna see all kinds of cool pics. I will dl this one and take it for a ride probably tomorrow as I have a few other maps to catch up on this evening. Thanks man. :up:

    And someone let's get some stars going ... let me kick it off. need a little help ... someone else vote please.


      OMG! more jump pads!?

      Kev, you know I like you but flagrunning is to easy as it is. I think Star*fire made that fairly clear in that beta session we held.


        More Jumppads sounds like a bit too much, but i will not judge before i havn't played it. WooT, a new Beta! Expect some Screenies later today :up:

        Your Screenies look nice, and i like the look of those side Platforms ( they could be a bit rounder, but hey, i'll stfu and play it before i say something stupid :haha: )

        Thanks for your Work! :heart:


          Flag running is easy on low amounts of people...but once the player count gets up there...well, its still pretty easy....anywho, there are now many more ways to run it.

          I originally had the walkways more round, but i decided to go with the above setup since it used about a third as many static meshes [need the fps as high as i can]


            Tested it...

            The main issue, is the Gameplay, i made a Video... MP your email adress to me please :up:


              I have a lot of comments on it on BeyondUnreal...So Im going to be tweaking it, and will possibly release a Beta3b this weekend.


                Okay, get the Video Here

                It shows how Jumppads and Ramps can be removed to enhance Gameplay


                  Some ScreenShots

                  1. I like that
                  2.Very creative
                  3.The walkways are ok

                  1. The View from the new Platform
                  2. A teleporter ( please remove it )
                  3. Nice Logo indeed

                  1. Problem
                  2. Still Mostly the same, improved lighting
                  3. At last i can Jump on here!



                    1. The Layout.. sexy, eh?
                    2. Too many jumppads
                    3. That one could also be removed



                      yeah, teleporter is definently gone...

                      Im currently working on the weapon layout...every one of them except the link gun has been moved [rebuilding now]. I also moved the dd and 100a some...hopefully Beta3b will be better. [Should get it out today...but need weapon placement suggestions] [no mini either]

                      /edit: Just watched the vid...AWESOME!!!

                      Here is one from Turns2Ashes showing how easy it is to cap [which is going to be fixed]:




                        Please download CTF-Celestria-Beta3b and resume the suggestions/comments.

                        [Most importantly: Moved and repathed jumppad behind the flag. New weapon, ammo, and powerup layout. No teleporters]

                        I have included most of the suggestions so far, so please give me more feedback!


                          Gotcha. I will make time for this map tomorrow. It sounds like you have really put a lot of work into it. And I look forward to seeing the progress you have made.


                            This one made me laugh!

                            Okay, before i test this on my new install of UT and upgraded RAM i'll show you this:


                            Unreal Tournamnet :haha::up:


                              Wow, A lot better!

                              This is a LOT better than the previous!

                              A new Version!


                              1. Still the same
                              2. Teleporter is gone
                              3. Jumppad is gone

                              1. That Area Changed
                              2. Amp / Shield
                              3. ยดยด