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[MAP:DM]MINDGAMES - Early Screens/W.I.P

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    [MAP:DM]MINDGAMES - Early Screens/W.I.P


    All screens removed from this thread (hosted on my site) as they are out of date and a lot of things have changed.


    Hey Sharp!.
    Havn't seen u around for a while and hope all is well.

    Map is looking great so far and fun to play also.

    Good Stuff.


      Hi Jay,
      yeah been busy working on my car/garden (now its sunny for a while on our island) and programming. This map has already had a month spent on it (mainly thinking about flow and working on lighting and meshes) but thats a month of `normal` time rather than `everyday for 12+ hours` time like I used to do




        Ditto with L.C there.

        This has my interest piqued. One to watch:up:


          Are some things in the map custom meshes?

          I think the map looks very clean, spacious and reminds me of the old ut style.

          Just an suggestion add a little more lighting around the green statics, maybe just to see if it looks that little bit better and maybe some light cones from the lights on the ceiling.

          Other than those few sugesstions theres nothing wrong with this map, its looking kinda cool & reminds of of an old ut map but can't remember what it is



            thanks guys.

            Yournan> Light cones are overdone - detract from the clean lines im after and make me sick.. :P I`m no newb with the editor and have tried all the tricks since unreal 1 and im bored with all its gimicks - I wanted this to look solid and clean, not too over lit or underlit, no `disco lights` etc. I know you mean well - but the lights are more aqua blue than `green` (again part of the easy on the eye elements). I`ve seen your aliens map thread, and the sort of lighting in that (which I assume you would prefer in this map over what it has now) is the sort of lighting I want to get away from - dark corners, coronas on everything (there are coronas on the lights btw but subtle and size limited) - the fog that is on the map atm may be too `light` or dense - meaning the colours look slightly washed out - if I back that off the colours of the lights (bluey/green, pale red etc) come out more - but having tried it on 3 different monitors this level of light seemed to suit all of them - it was way too dark originally when I tried it on my Panasonic montor - some folks have been complaining about how some maps seem light or dark compared to epic maps - this is trying to go with the epice standard of lighting rather than `heavy atmosphere` lighting ala your map. I find when it comes to PLAYING for a long stretch, the `bells and whistles` of lighting and strong colours is a turn off. This map is made to be played first then look nice (ish) second. I have stronger lights in my other maps. What I`ll probably do based on what you said, is back off the fog a little to allow more shadow and colour through - but not too much cos then it would start to look like a newb map again ;P

            oh and btw - I wasn`t influenced by any know map I can think of from 2k3 or UT99 - and yes ALL meshes are custom in the shots and all have light maps (baked lights) but not complete skins as that is overkill in a map that isn`t going for `art of the year` award When you do custom meshes this is the only way to get good lighting on them. If you use the supplied meshes (something I have no interest in - I like to create - not `arrange`) you will find they already have great skins (including shadows) so no need to worry there.



              Wow took me 30 mins to read that sharpfish then enough 30mins to read it again to understand it!:haha:

              As for the lighting comments, yes i do understand what you mean. As for light cones i havn't use them myself they was just a suggestion, but by looking at the screens again i think they would be a bad idea. One of your screens has windows which has an sunset skybox, just an idea what about "sun rays" coming though the windows?

              As for my map reason is i have thet lighting that dark is to keep the aliens theme, many people have said to make it darker.

              How many people can this map take? i think it might have been the style of the map that reminded me of an ut map.

              Any sharpfish it looks a nice map, just wondering have you put in any weapons yet, as i havn't seen any?i don't know if you think my feedback from my first reply was meant to be bad, it wasn't a like this map very much and can't wait for it to be released.

              I'd also be grateful if you could post a reply on my aliens map thread if you don't mind.



                Nice lamp dude.


                  purdy and smooth :up: :up: :up:


                    Thanks for clarifying - and yes my posts often need to be read twice cos I talk twice as much **** as most - but it`s usually well considered ****.

                    No - there is no` sunset` skybox - there is NO earthly skybox at all - in fact the thing you see behind the windows is a placeholder starry skybox - will make my own to blend with the theme more at the time.

                    The map will hopefully take a `medium` amount - I don`t want it too big cos I like 1v1 2v2 etc (bot matches), but not as small as some of my past maps... becuase there are at least 3 levels (z-axis) and plenty of twists/turns and exits it seems bigger - but importantly there are no dead ends - no box rooms its got a complete `flow` around the level and you can change your route in quick time to another path - all weapons will be placed along the routes - there will be minimum adrenaline, risky SuperSheild - hidden Double Damage - NO redeemer - Shock, Rocket, LG and BIO up high, Flak, Link, Mini etc down low - many jump from/to platforms to keep the flow while increasing the `race` type feeling we sometimes get playing this game - again you wont have to jump if you dont want to - you can see a point and get to it easily enough but if you decide to jump/double jump or lift jump you will usually end up in a more benificial space (next to a good weapon, on a better/clearer path for instance.)

                    There are some weapons shown but they again are place holders - it really is early days with this map - its taken quite a long time constructing the stuff for it alone (remember you are only seein a fraction of the meshes ive created for it here), and editing bsp/ resizing to allow double jumps etc to `just` make it rather than being too easy - also you shouldnt find anywhere that you can bump your head with a double jump - plenty of height. Basically a fast flowing, indoor DM map (that will be enlarged/converted to CTF/DOM), because I wanted a change from my usual `themes`.

                    BTW - there is not point me replying to you thread cos I wouldn`t have anything to add really, I can see a few negatives that I wouldn`t personally like in a map I download but I don`t enter threads just to say that - if I comment in a thread its cos the map has really interested me. The thing that interested me about your map/thread was the Aliens theme (as I guess most people who were interested) but I think the map is a little `flat` looking in some of the rooms and in others it seems a bit too dirty/untidy or haphazzard... now you wouldn`t want me to post that would you? Don`t take it the wrong way man, i`ve seen so many maps that my eyes are going sore - it takes something special to move me now.




                      Looking AWESOME.


                        Looks nice to see uncluttered areas for a change, although it is early days I suppose. Im in two minds about it anyway, on the one hand it would be nice for it to be "clean", but then the eye candy is nice too.

                        Good to see youre still around anyway.

                        Wulf Sternhammer

                        To go ever so slightly off post....

                        You could slip in Bernie Cribbens (sp?) into the Carry on Site, and Alma out of Corrie was in one or two wasnt she? Cor she was tasty back then . I grew up in Maidenhead where they used the town hall as the outside of the hospital in the films.


                          So this is your plunge into pure gameplay SharpFish? Looks like its gonna be purdy as well (lucky us, hehe) :up:


                            Virax> Thanks.. wasnt even going for `looks` but I like things tidy

                            WulfSternhammer> Ta.. the carry on reference shocked me (didnt think anyone looked) - Problem with Bernard Cribbins and Alma is that they were only in 1 or two films between them - I wanted the regulars - the *real* essence of the films - anyway better stop talking about that before I`m found out at laughed off the forums

                            Plumb (and indeed Drumb)> Yup, that`s pretty much it, I didn`t want it `too` basic/ut99 ish or too similar to other `indoor` maps which is why it has a little theme, but not in the way of the layout - I mean its not the l33tist, most hardcore map or anything but I just fancied a change - plus I originally had an idea for an indoor level to base it around.. kinda weird and abstract but again not too far from the `norm` to put of those flow lovers... probably get told it has no flow after its released but oh well - makes a change from beaches, cable cars and autosleighs*

                            <edit> somehow missed your posts earlier.

                            Devastation 8> If I can get those lamps in production, do you want one for your house? (btw which lamp did you mean the upright or the floor domes? )

                            He who clubs seals> "purdy and smooth " - just like my missus - cheers!

                            Something else I forgot to say - in case anyone was wondering, is those hard edge bsp `openings` (doorways) will eventually all have smooth static mesh doorframes not be left `unfinished` as these shots show.





                              definitely has a soothing effect on the eye, and the visuals look pretty good too, what program do you use for modeling? (I use Lightwave3d) Gameplay also looks to be pretty good on it, definitely keeping an eye on this one.....